Celebrity Couples Dine Out Together

Just like the rest of us, there are days in the lives of star couples when they all just want to hang out together with friends and families. Lately, our handsome hero Fawad Khan with his wife Sadaf, the comedy king Ahmed Ali Butt with his wife Fatima and Vasay Chaudhry with his wife Mahera Shah were all out together for a casual dinner.

The famous couples were all dressed down in jeans and tees, expecially Fawad Khan who was looking very cool in a loose pastel t shirt, long hair and full beard enjoying with Sadaf and the rest of the gang. The ladies, being ladies had added a few fancy bits and bobs to look glamorous even in their comfy evening attires.

They have all posed for the camera to capture some of their enjoyable moments together. Here are the pictures;