Indians React to Fawad’s New Ad.

No one can argue that Fawad Khan is blessed with great looks, admirable personality and a very charming smile. In addition, he is very well spoken and well mannered too. All these qualities make girls go crazy over him not only in Pakistan but India too. This Pakistani guy is the heartthrob of many.

His latest Television Commercial is all the reminder you need to fall in love with him all over again. People in Pakistan,obviously loved it and here is how people across the border felt about his ad:

Honestly speaking, even I didn’t notice how good the skype display of Mr.Yusuf (his character name in the commercial) is until she pointed it out:

He makes hearts beat faster:

He inspires poets:

He kills people with his dashing looks:

In case you aren’t aware of what we are talking about, here is the TVC:


Arsala Khalid