Celebrity Outfits & Makeup Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

After Eid ul Fitr, the preparations of Eid ul Azha come into full swing. The celebrations of Eid ul Azha are completely different but the zeal and zest remain the same because it gives everyone a chance to come together as a family and make memories. On every special occasion, Pakistani celebrities always influence their fans and followers by setting trends and showing what’s in fashion currently. It happens because all the celebrities are in touch with the biggest fashion designers who showcase their newest collections to the public through all the famous celebrities.

Pakistani actresses are seen wearing gorgeous dresses and now more than ever before, they have started to focus on their styling. This is the reason, every day their fans and followers get to see beautiful pictures where they look at their absolute best, serving inspiration to those who are looking for different ideas.

Here are Celebrity outfits and looks that you can take Eid inspiration from:

Bright & Vibrant

This entire look of Ayeza Khan is festive and gorgeous. In recent months, solid-colored dresses have rocked the fashion trends. Ayeza Khan is one such celebrity who has worn such beautiful solid-colored dresses and has shown that having a playful take on colors can be such a good choice.

A beautifully flared bright pink dress is going to look in the morning and will also be appropriate during the night if you’re having a dinner party at your home. Pairing it with a bordered chiffon dupatta in a similar shade of pink of going to complete the look. This entire dress is a testimony of the fact that monotone can look absolutely beautiful and eye-catching.

Ayeza Khan’s hair and makeup is perfect because it is subtle and isn’t too distracting, therefore it is allowing the dress to do all the talking. Tying your hair in a braid and adding texture at the hairline is the right choice, keeping the heat of summers in mind. Keeping a fresh and glowy face with a hint of pink blush is all that you need if you’re picking a bright colored dress such as Ayeza’s. Wearing a statement necklace or even earrings is going to amp up the look and make you Eid ready.

Ayeza Khan 1 4 Ayeza Khan 2 5

Ayeza Khan 3 5
Ayeza Khan 4 2
Ayeza Khan 5 2

Classic Gold

This outfit worn by Minal Khan is probably the safest choice and guarantees to look Eid appropriate no matter how simple or how formal it looks in its entirety. The beautiful shade of warm gold looks absolutely beautiful on Pakistani skin tones and the entire monotone look which is in fashion these days is the best way to carry it this Eid.

Gold is the kind of color that gives a lot of margin when it comes to hairstyling and makeup. You can go bold or keep your makeup to an absolute minimum and it will still make you look ravishing. A bright red or dark maroon lipstick is also going to be the safest bet to look effortlessly beautiful while wearing an outfit like this. A sleek updo or even straightened hair is going to make the look complete. Add in your favorite pair of gold heels and the entire Eid look is complete. Statement earrings and a blingy clutch or pouch will also match this outfit because it is one such color that matches with all sorts of accents beautifully.

Minal Khan 1 2

Minal Khan 2 2 Minal Khan 3 1 Minal Khan 4 2

Black & Bold

This outfit worn by Iqra Aziz is going to be a perfect inspiration for the newly wedded brides who are celebrating their very first Eid after their marriage. Black eastern outfits are bound to look gorgeous and no matter how you style them, they can never go wrong. It is one such outfit that can be worn during the day or even in the evening because black is the most forgiving color and when paired with golden embellishments, it is a perfect formal look.

This entire look does not need much effort to look Eid appropriate. Hair tied in a sleek bun and a pair of huge statement earrings is the easiest way to look graceful and charming. A thick black eyeliner with nude lips and peachy blush on the cheeks is enough of a makeup that you need to wear with this beautiful outfit. To make your makeup look dinner-appropriate, you can always tight line your entire eyes with kajal and that will do the trick.

Iqra Aziz 1 3 Iqra Aziz 2 3

Effortlessly Formal

This entire look of Saba Qamar is perfect for those who want to carry a formal look that too effortlessly on Eid. This entire outfit has a lot of elements to it which give it a very formal look but still looks absolutely comfortable and easy to carry and is going to be a perfect choice for Eid lunch as well as the dinner. This dress is doing all the talking because Saba Qamar has worn it in such a manner.

After picking such a dress that has a lot of design elements to it, it’s the best option to keep the hair and makeup simple and flawless. Keeping the complexion makeup fresh and glowy and wearing hair in flowy loose curls and setting them on one of the shoulders is the kind of look that is going to suit anyone. Wearing contemporary designed earrings and a colorful clutch is a perfect choice too. This size of the pouch is perfect to carry the makeup required for touch-ups during the day.

Saba Qamar 1 2 Saba Qamar 2 2 Saba Qamar 3 2 Saba Qamar 4 1 Saba Qamar 5 1

Timeless White

This look of Neelam Munir is definitely for those who are a fan of white color and love incorporating it in their wardrobe during special occasions. White is the safest bet to wear on Eids keeping the heat of summers in mind. This beautiful silk shirt with embroidered borders is enough for anyone to look Eid ready. It is going to look good at the early hours of Eid when the family members get together for breakfast or even lunch.

This dress also gives a lot of margin when it comes to hair and makeup but Neelam Munir has carried it perfectly because it looks just right for the early hours of Eid day. Styling your hair in their natural form and wearing a minimal makeup look with a blush and a bit of color on the lips, some mascara and a light layer of foundation is going to complete the entire Eid look beautifully. A handful of white or even gold bangles are going to go with this outfit.

Neelam Munir 1 Neelam Munir 2 Neelam Munir 3

Pastel Perfection

Pastels are also very much in fashion these days and what better occasion to wear one such outfit on Eid. Such shades are easy on the eyes and are season-appropriate as well. Pastel toned outfits have design elements such as embroidery and different patterns all over the shirt and dupattas which give it a very beautiful and timeless look. Sana Javed has worn some beautiful pastel-shaded outfits and has served a lot of Eid inspiration to her fans and followers.

Sana Javed is seen in her signature makeup look which is all about glowy skin, natural-looking eye makeup with thin eyeliner and a small wing to accentuate her eye shape. Properly shaped naturally filled eye-brows and rosy lips. This kind of makeup look is perfect for those who like to keep their makeup simple but still want to accentuate their beautiful features with the help of certain makeup products. Wearing hair in voluminous waves is also the safest choice. Adding in a pair of ear studs is going to complete the look and make one look absolutely glamorous.

Sana Javed 1 Sana Javed 2 Sana Javed 3 Sana Javed 4 Sana Javed 5

Casual Chic

This look of Sanam Jung is beautiful because it shows that a simple lawn dress can also be worn in such a manner that will give anyone a formal look. This is perfect for those who are not a fan of wearing a lot of embroidered or traditional looking formal outfits. It is all about the way this dress has been stylized and accessorized which eventually completes the entire look and makes it Eid appropriate.

Sanam Jung has definitely gone heavy on the makeup and has worn bigger statement earrings as accessories to complete her look. The hairstyle also doesn’t require a lot of effort but is going to suit everyone and keep the hair getting in the way because, during the hot summer days, it gets very hard to maintain a hairstyle. Sanam Jung has completed the outfit with a beautiful pair of white heels and this entire look works in perfect harmony in terms of color scheme and styling.

Sanam Jung 1 3 Sanam Jung 2 2 Sanam Jung 3 2 Sanam Jung 4 1

This completes the list of Pakistani celebrities whose looks are going to serve as a perfect Eid inspiration. Which one is your favorite look? Feel free to share in the comment section below.


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