Clash Between Ali Azmat & Umair Jaswal

Well, apparently, Ali Azmat is not very pleased with where Pakistani music industry is headed, and in a leaked video, he is seen criticizing the young musicians that wish to become stars. Ali Azmat is known for his high notes but according to him, sirf cheekhain maar kay koi star nahe banjata. In the video, he also criticizes singers that are setting foot in the T.V. industry.

When the popularity of Sammi Meri Waar is pointed out to him, he responds by saying that it was not an original song but merely a different take on a folk song.

Have a look at Ali Azmat’s video:

Umair Jaswal has a huge fan following and many of his fans took offense and rushed to support him. In response to Ali Azmat’s video, Umair Jaswal also recorded a video, saying that Ali Azmat is entitled to his opinion but he cannot force it upon other people. 

Here’s Umair Jaswal‘s reply to Ali Azmat: 


And they are right when they say, 'Writing is a form of therapy'.

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