Clicks of Mahira Khan

While searching for latest happenings, an idea clicked me and I started to looks for Mahira recent pics here and there.And I ended up with these clicks so this post of mine goes to all Mahira’s fan out there who are always ready to fight on every single statement given against her :)

Enjoy the clicks :

At friend’s wedding :

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At Annie Jaffery’s Wedding :

1898269_722672471099995_2063883735_n 1982286_728144450552797_1206128369_n

On Cover Page of paparazzi for ELAN Lawn’s promotion:


While Shooting for Elan Lawn :


During Launch of ELAN Lawn :

1900041_731651066868802_36045334_n 1922515_732682340099008_210098456_n 1966679_731650936868815_1959564573_n

During her recent visit to Multan :

1970672_731652063535369_1836036975_n 10013807_731651883535387_1607137230_n

1016821_731651946868714_1424016780_n 1176121_731651843535391_344385798_n

Thats All Folks !

Waiting for your feedback.

Rabia Basharat.


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