Coke Studio Season 12 Episode 2 – An Overview

Coke Studio’s episode 2 was released this Friday. The artists lineup included Ibrar Ul Haq, Zeb Bangash, Shuja Haider & Rachel Viccaji. This episode had some brilliant performances to its credit. Lets get to all the songs one by one:

1- Billo :

Coke Studio’s rendition of 1995 classic Billo by Abrar Ul Haq was the first song of this episode & what a performance it was. I felt so nostalgic. Everything was just perfect. The energy, the music, the vocals, everything was on point. Lyrics were too funny. I always love Coke Studio songs more because of the backing vocalists and they were the best thing in this new rendition of Billo. The way they were singing it and enjoying it was great. Kudos to them. Billo surely is going to be the new Bhangra song for weddings.

2- Roshe:

Roshe is a Kashmiri folk song written by Habba Khatoon, sung by Zeb Bangash. This one has a very calm feel to it. Lyrics are beautiful. It is a song of ‘love and loss’. The melody is mesmerizing. However, this one is facing criticism on social media by Kashmiris, who are saying that Zeb’s pronunciation of Kashmiri language was not good.

3- Saiyaan:

Saiyaan is a duet of Shuja Haider & Rachel Viccaji. Sadly, this one wasn’t uploaded on YouTube due to copyrights issues but was uploaded on Coke Studio’s Facebook Page. Saiyaan is by far my most favorite Coke Studio song of this year. The melody is beautiful. Shuja Haider has no comparison when it comes to composing songs. Rachel has done a brilliant job. I liked the way Shuja has reused Mann Maayal’s OST’s lyrics in it. I hope that the copyright issues are resolved soon because this one is a masterpiece not to be missed.


Which song did you people like in this episode? Share your thoughts in comments!

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