Colleagues Made Fun Of Zoya Nasir On Her Appearance

Bullying a pserson on their appearance, be it their skin tone or weight or face is quite common in the society. It is also prevalent in showbiz industry and quite more so than any other walk of life. We have seen many actresses calling out other actresses on their appearance in shows while obsession with white skin and thin statures is not a secret either. Zoya Nasir has also gone through this journey.

Zoya Nasir revealed in a recent interview with Fuchsia that some colleagues have said that she does not have a face of a lead actress. She was directly targeted by a colleague after her weight loss who said that she does not look good anymore. Zoya Nasir revealed that she was also offered whitening injections on a drama’s set once when she came back tanned from a foreign trip.

Here is how Zoya narrated her experience:

Pakeeza Dar

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