Comedian Danish Ali’s Struggle To Success Will Inspire You!

One of the most sought after comedians of Pakistan, Danish Ali opens up about the struggles he had to face on his road to success. He worked hard for all his achievements and wants to inspire everyone out there.

Danish said, “Good luck to everyone giving their O, A level and inter exams, remember to do some nice breathing exercises and sleep loads and realize that a good grade will help you in life but it is not the only way forward, i got straight Cs through O Levels and A levels.”

He shares details about his school days,
“I remember my O level chemistry teacher saying I was a horrible student and that I would fail and she put me down a lot. My Urdu teacher in 5th grade would almost curse my parents outloud infront of the entire classroom.”

“I was shortlisted by Aga Khan Medical university twice but never made it. When i was selected in Ziauddin I failed my surgery exam in medschool. I was failing pharmacology and was told I would fail the year,” he added.

Somehow, he found the way out,
“I was living alone and needed money so started working in television while still in medschool.”

“Everyone told me I would never become a doctor. Everyone told me I would never succeed as a comedian. Today i am both an MBBS and a successful comedian.”

Danish is encouraging people to ignore those who put others down!
“The people around you putting you down do not have any intelligence for themselves and only seek to lend you their incompetence at life. Pay them no attention. You got this.”

Rimsha Butt