Cricketer Muhammad Aamir with his Wife Narjis at a Wedding Event Last Night

Famous cricketer, Muhammad Amir, joined the cricket team at a very young age of 16. He gained popularity for being a left-hand fast bowler. His love for cricket was so high that he faced all the difficult challenges, injuries, and surgeries to fulfill his dream. 

Muhammad Amir is a family man. He tries to manage his busy game routine to spend quality time with his family. He, along with his family, was recently spotted at the wedding functions of the famous sports presenter, Zainab Abbas.

The couple looks like made for each other. Both wore a matching black outfit on the reception ceremony and became the limelight of the event. 

Here are some of the latest pictures of Muhammad Amir with his wife attending the wedding event. Have a look! 

amir 1

amir 2

amir 3

amir 4

amir 5

amir 5 1

amir 6

Narjis 1

Narjis 2

Narjis 3

Narjis 4

Narjis 5


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