‘Critism Doesn’t Bother me’, Says Sahrish Khan

Ever since the trailer of the upcoming Pakistani movie ‘Chen Aye Na’ has released, the film has not received any positive comments. The music has also failed to create an impression over the audience but the lead actress of the movie Sahrish Khan, is still determined for her debut release. She has expressed her views on all the condemnations over ‘Chen Aye Na’ in an interview. She said:

”Critism doesn’t bother me. When I signed up for the movie, I knew what I was signing up for, so no matter what comes my way, or what reviews the film receives, Chein Aye Na will always be special to me. We’ve worked hard for the movie and it will show once the movie is released. Also regarding my career in the film industry, I’m already doing Rehbra, my second film. Although I signed Rehbra first and technically it would have been my screen debut, I’m certain my work will speak for itself and my future once the audience have a chance to see it.”

Despite of all the criticism pouring her way for her debut movie, she stands strong and looks optimistic for the release.

She has also revealed her reasons of singing ‘Chen Aye Na’ and have also disclosed about her character. She said:

”I’m a hopeless romantic and because the story for Chein Aye Na played right on the importance of love and relationships, I signed up for it. I play the character of Ruba, a girl whose confident yet shy, assertive yet timid, and I connected well with it, so yes, I took it up because I felt I could deliver what was needed of me for my part.”

Since Sahrish is from the lineage of Sabiha Khanam and Santosh Kumar, both are the big names from our film industry, we hope she proves her roots and starlet.

'Critism Doesn't Bother me', Says Sahrish Khan

Ayesha Omair