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Cute and Candid Pictures Of Maya Ali With Her Make-up Artist

Make-up artists, stylists and photographers are those unsung heroes of the entertainment industry who hardly ever enjoy the kind of popularity or get the sort of appreciation they deserve. They gave our favorite stars the perfect makeovers, we praise the celebrities who look beautiful in these makeovers but how many of us know who are these people who are behind these looks?

Some of the pictures of Maya Ali with one of her favorite make-up artists Adnan Ansari show that she definitely gives him the love and appreciation he deserves. This talented individual has given Maya Ali some of her best on-screen looks both for the small and the big screen. These pictures show that Adnan and Maya are not just co-workers but they also share a beautiful friendship. He did Maya Ali’s makeup for some of her most important and biggest projects and now is doing the make-up for Maya’s upcoming film too.

They always have fun on the sets and make sure that work never becomes dull. Look at these pictures of Maya Ali with her favorite make-up artist Adnan Ansari.