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Cute & Candid Pictures Of Sajal Ali With Her Favorite Make-up Artist

Sajal Ali has always been praised by her fans for her talent and looks. While everyone knows everything about Sajal Ali, there are very few people who know the person who is behind most of Sajal’s beautiful looks in the past two years or so.

An artist is incomplete without a stylist who can give them a look which accentuates their natural beauty and brings out the best in them. Looking good is an important part of a celebrity’s image which is why one cannot underestimate the importance of these wonderful people who give these stars the most beautiful looks.

Babar Zaheer is one such celebrity make-up artist and stylist who has given some of the most popular celebrities some of their best looks. He was the make-up artist for Sadqay Tumhare and Mann Mayal and now he is going to make the team of upcoming play Aangan look great on screen.

Sajal Ali is really good friends with Babar Zaheer. These two have a lot of fun posing and sharing jokes while they work together. These cute and candid pictures of Sajal Ali and Babar Zaheer go to show that you can completely enjoy what you do if you have good company.