Danish Taimoor Reveals Ayeza Khan’s Real Name

Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan happen to be one of the most loved off screen and on screen couples in Pakistan. The duo’s chemistry sizzles both on and off screen, making them couple goals for all who aspire to be together.

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But did you know that Ayeza isn’t Ayeza Khan’s real name? Yes. Recently in a game show alongside Maria Wasti, husband Danish Taimoor revealed his wife Ayeza’s actual name.

Danish Taimoors Reaction On Ayeza Khans Success 4

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Telling an anecdote from his past, Danish Taimoor shared, “When I was in college I had a friend. After an year of being together, I told her straight that I was very young to be married and wanted to focus on my future.”

Adding further Danish said that the girl was convinced that there was someone else in my life. “She kept insisting that there was someone else in my life and I just said yes, I had met Kanza.”

“This was some ten years ago before I met Ayeza and married her. And believe it or not, Ayeza’s real name is Kanza,” revealed Danish.

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Danish Ayeza

Ayeza Khan’s real name happens to be Kanza Khan. The husband wife duo can currently be seen in Geo Entertainment’s Meherposh where people are absolutely loving them together on screen.

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