Danyal Zafar Wishes to go One Step Ahead of Ali Zafar

Danyal Zafar made a debut on Coke studio season 10 earlier this month and has managed to become the talk of the town since then. It isn’t necessarily for his singing though, but because of how similar he looks to his brother, Ali Zafar and well…because of him being Ali’s brother.

Regardless, he sang a song with Momina Mustehsan on Coke studio that received mixed reviews from the audience. He wasn’t able to charm the audience the way Ali is with his voice (and looks) but he is just beginning his music career so we can definitely hope for better things to come.

In an interview posted on dhanak(youtube), he revealed that he and his brother have a very different style in music, there are very few elements that interconnect them. He also said that the world already has one Ali Zafar, and there needn’t be two and so, he wants to make his own identity. He further claimed that Ali Zafar has inspired him in many ways and he wishes to make his brother proud. He hopes to find his own way and become successful in his own genre, his own way. He also acknowledged how lucky he is to be a part of Coke Studio, the voice of Pakistan. ┬áThe ambitious singer said he wants to go even a step ahead of Ali Zafar and believed that Ali would wish the same.


Arsala Khalid