Diva Cover Lightens up with Mahira Khan & Hamza Ali Abbasi

A completely different couple which has not yet paired up on the screen, shows up on the cover of DIVA magazine. Its time for the directors to get this sizzling hot couple in there projects together.

Both Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mahir khan looked really hot on the cover of 2016 Diva Magazine.00

Mahira khan outfit was done by Shehla Chatoor and her stylist was the very talented Omayr Waqar. Where as Hamza’s outfit was from Cotton & Cotton and stylist was Sajid Mehmood. The breathtaking photography was done by Shahbaz Shazi.

Mahira Khan in her yellow dress by Shehla Chatoor looks too gorgeous and when coupled with Hamza Ali Abbasi, everything looks complete and perfect.

Now watch it for yourself, here are few pictures.





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