Does Shahid Afridi Desire to Have Sons

Shahid Afridi is supremely talented former Pakistani cricketer who is also Known as ‘Boom Boom Afridi’. The cricketer was popular for his aggressive hitting and spin bowling. He has a huge fan following years after his retirement.

Recently, Shahid Afridi has given an interview in which he talked about his desire of having sons in detail, the cricketer is having five beautiful daughters.

Replying to the Islamic example of anchor regarding killing daughter in ancient times before Islam, the cricketer quoted an instance from the time when Prophet Muhammad ( SallAllaho Alaihay Wa’Aleyhi Wassalam ) was born, he said, “the day Prophet Muhammad ( SallAllaho Alaihay Wa’Aleyhi Wassalam ) was born that day no girl was born, sons were considered to be blessings and Allah gifted people sons because of his magnificently grand arrival, we have to learn a lot from the life of our Prohet Muhammad ( SallAllaho Alaihay Wa’Aleyhi Wassalam )”.

To a question, “does Shahid Afridi desire to have son in his life, he replied, “I am blessed to have five daughters, I’m happy that Allah has given me girls, you should not long for boys but you should make your girls powerful, talented and strong, I thank Allah that he has given me healthy kids and it matters the most”. Here is the link to video.


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