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Dr.Amir Liaquat Celebrating Eid with his Wife Syeda Tuba Aamir

Eid means many things, but right on the top of the list in your Eid look. Often planned months in advance and sometimes very last minute. Every girl loves to have annual Eid photos in gorgeous outfits. Our celebrities are no different! We turned to our vast network of fashion to see what Pakistani celebrities wore on this Eid. There were lots of embroideries, just the right amount of sparkle and each had an air of elegance. 

Amir Liaquat and Tuba Amir never miss a chance of posting their pictures on their social account to share their happy moments with their followers. Tuba Amir recently posted her Eid pictures in which she looked stunning. Her dress was by Jeem! Tube wore traditionally jewelry with dark eye makeup and looked beautiful. 

On Eid day 2, Amir Liaquat and Tuba Amir were spotted on the set of MuzakRaat. They shared their happy and fun moments with the audience. 

Here are some of Tuba Amir’s Eid day 2 pictures. Have a look! 

tuba 1

tuba 2

tuba 3

tuba 4

tuba 5

tuba 6

tuba 7

tuba 8

tuba 9

tuba 10

tuba 11

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