Dr.Zakir Naik Says Watching Ertugrul Is Haraam

Ertugrul, the Turkish series that traces back the history of one of the biggest Islamic empire, the Ottoman Empire, is currently being broadcast in Pakistan on PTV. The series was broadcast mainly because of the approval and insistence of the prime minister of the country, Imran Khan, who stated, Ertugrul, would allow people to trace back their Islamic roots and get in touch with the rich Muslim history.

Dr.Zakir Naik Says Watching Ertugrul Is Haraam Dr.Zakir Naik Says Watching Ertugrul Is Haraam Dr.Zakir Naik Says Watching Ertugrul Is Haraam

Although the series is excellently directed with high production values and is being loved all over, a number of celebrities in Pakistan have taken a stand against it. But that focuses on an entirely different reason about how Ertugrul is eating up the business for the local drama industry.

However, one religious scholar, the very renowned Zakir Naik, recently came up with a fatwa about how watching Ertugrul was indeed haraam (not permissible in Islaam.)

Dr.Zakir Naik Says Watching Ertugrul Is Haraam

In a video on social media, Zakir Naik is seen stating that Ertugrul is Haraam. “There are women without hijaab in the series, there is music in it, there are certain things in the series which go against a Muslim’s aqeedah so therefore it is not fully permissible in Islam.”

Adding further, Zakir Naik also stated, “There are no kissing scenes or love making scenes in the series like those Bollywood or Hollywood films, the bigger harams, but yes, there are certain things which make it Haraam. Therefore someone who is not watching Ertugrul, I will say not to watch it because it is Haraam.”

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