Our drama writers are doing a very great job to link their stories to what actually happens in society and probably this is the reason why we are always hooked up to watch dramas. I really appreciate this effort because they are trying to change the society as media is a biggest weapon to create impact in people’s life. There were many dramas which had given us lessons but I don’t know whether we have learned anything or not. For example Meri Zaat Zara-e-benishan drama was a great lesson for society. Kankar and Daam were also a lesson for all of us.

Amongst all the dramas that are ON-AIR there is a drama “Meri beti” on ARY Digital. This drama is written by Mohsin Ali and I would like to salute this writer for penning down this important issue of the society. Now I would not discuss any bit of the story here so those who are not watching it I will recommend to watch this drama. I would discuss here the lessons that we should learn from this drama. One thing that I really love about this drama is the strong relation between a mother and a daughter because usually mother always forms a strong relation with her son and sometimes use her son as a warrior and father forms a strong relation with his daughter. We are now complaining that mostly stories are now focused on women and their problems yes I agree that we should diversify the topic but on the other hand it is true that women are the ones who suffers most. It might happens less in educated families but have a glance on poor families.

The fact is that we are getting conservative by mind and modern from appearance and because of this we are making other people’s life miserable specially pointing out towards young girls. We are stuck in two extreme ends we want to be religious yet modern as well in order to walk side by side with new era. One wrong step taken by a girl and her life becomes hell as happens to Character Saba in this drama. We have put so much restrictions on girls that they themselves got irritated from their lives, Come on! Give them a little bit freedom if you hold sand strong in your hand it will eventually begin to flow out between your fingers.

So if a woman is divorced having kids what does that mean she cannot marry again as society thinks her a black spot on her own family. Seriously this is what we think? this how we value a human? and If she got divorced is this a woman mistake or a man? So why don’t we blame man for this he can still marry other woman. Many women’s lives were destroyed because of this narrow-minded thinking of our society, even girl’s own family criticize the girl when she got divorced by saying how are we going to answer the society? and now what society will think if you will not get married again? Oh does society thinks before when parents were bearing hardships to raise her daughter then why parents are so obsessed about the society when her daughter does not want to marry again after one bad experience.

meri beti

Another great lesson which is a core lesson of this drama never create or fulfil any relation on lie just because of the society it will be disastrous in future as our own loved ones will be affected not society. Iraj’s reaction towards her mother and grandmother was absolutely justifiable I mean how you would react if you found that the nature of every relation is now changed. Then honestly every relation seems to be artificial and all the hopes attached will be destroyed because children will think like in the past they were burden on their mothers. So if you speak the truth it will become part of your past and if you speak the lie it will become part of future and that what actually happened in this drama.

I really like Faisal’s character his wordings to Saba is also a message that relations are always form on trust and every matter should be discussed amongst husband and wife as it shows a bond of love and trust and if third person tells you something related to each other that means the pillars of trust is weak. However he is wrong as well because sometimes people are bounded by circumstances and they will not be able to speak the truth.

Therefore people now need to change their mind set because we have created a hypocritical society. Isn’t it a hypocrisy that men can easily get married to other girl after divorce whereas a women had to suffer and because of this parents had to take dangerous decisions to secure the future of their daughters as it happened in this drama. So instead of talking rubbish on girl’s misfortune we have to help her. For women also they should share everything with their husbands because sometimes lack of communication will result in lack of trust. Secondly forgive others just because they didn’t deserves forgiveness but you deserves peace yes I am specifically pointing out to Asad’s character in a drama he proves to be a weak husband.

So any more lessons that we should learn from this drama please share your thoughts! And please do not consider that I am sympathising with women I am just explaining the truth of our society.


Maaz is a student of accountancy who has always been a Pakistani Drama Lover. Providing analysis on Pakistani Entertainment Industry is his hobby and he feels honored to be a part of the reviewit team.