Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 13!

Ohkay so this was another episode where they seem to be taking things just the way we like to see.

It is just me or Saad actually shouldn’t have returned from the UK? Because he certainly deserves to rot. Aiza has tried to make him understand like a million times that she is already married & in love with her husband but Saad doesn’t seem to get the hint. He is one of those mouse who scurry away when they see the cat so for this I think Aiza needs to tell her Mr. Tom that some lunatic Jerry is bothering her & the peace will follow.

I am glad that this accident put Laiba in her right frame of mind & she actually got closer to Aiza because fortunately she didn’t hear anything else that Saad would’ve said to Aiza & in fact only heard that Saad dissed the idea of getting hooked to Laiba which Aiza was convincing him of. I think Laiba is just naive that she gets swayed very very easily. We saw it happening at first with Cuckoo & now again with Aiza.

The deal which Aiza agreed upon with Saad was ridiculous. She is intelligent enough to know that Saad just doesn’t want her hanging around with him as & like a friend. He certainly has these feelings for Aiza which can’t vanish overnight plus Saad was pretty clear that he would only extend courtesy & attention towards Laiba if he gets the same from Aiza. So, I believe if Aiza takes this as an opportunity where she thinks she would be able to convince Saad to love Laiba then she is clearly mistaken.

Saad’s disease seems to be surfacing again & who did we see him with? Yes, his uncool clingy friend who was there to do the honors of their bromance rituals. I think if this disease couldn’t put Saad in his right mental state then nothing else can. Laiba got hold of the situation after her accident but Saad doesn’t seem to get a hint.

I think Aiza’s sneaking away from her husband to see what Saad had to say in the middle of the night was wrong on her part. She thinks she can handle all these things but she doesn’t know she has Cuckoo to deal with who is just waiting for the right moment to snatch happiness away from Aiza. I think the next episode has a lot more to offer because supposedly things are going to slip away from Aiza’s hands. Let’s see.  Plus is it just me or Mehwish Hayat should & must actually change her wardrobe or at least a little attention to what she wears? :/

& oh I have a little Ishq Mein Tere Trivia to play. What can be picked as this family’s family drink? Do let me know if you think you have the right answer. ;)

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