Pyarai Afzal – Turn of Events.

Love,for people like Afzal ,is the purest of the pure form of affection and respect. While for people like Mehtaab,its more of craze- Craze to get something ,to own something just the way they want , rather than playing with the cards intelligently.

Afzal’s love for Farah is of the type that is rarely found these days. But when it rains, it pours and same is the case with Afzal; Afzal’s affection is not merely the matter of words. He loves Farah beyond any limitations and above all with no expectations and for that, he seems always ready to face any kind of situation that he comes across with.

Whereas, Mehtaab’s love is more like that of a child’s urge to get a toy and play with it. I am not saying that it’s just his attraction towards Farah that made him this way. His love was pure too but right from his childhood, he got what he desired for and that made him stubborn and pampered. Now when he faced the real life challenge ,he expected the same but this time it was a matter of life and death plus he failed to compromise on Farah letting go out of his life. So collectively, all that was buried inside him for so many days came out as revenge in the form of burning the thing that was closest to Farah.

I really like the fact about Pyarai Afzal that nothing has been portrayed overboard. Mehtab’s exit from the show could have been much more wild as compared to what was shown. But what he did was just a cute little silent revenge from his side. Further, his mother could have created the mess but that part also went absolutely normal – rather much lighter than our expectations.

Arfa proved that she is not only caring,loving,concerned and loyal sister but also a wake up alarm for Afzal whenever she finds him suspicious.The dialogues and that light nok jhonk is what that makes their relation look beautiful always.The rungeeli sisters, Farah and lubna, finally decided that Afzal part should now come to an end in their lives but Afzal, for the first time, took a step for himself and credit goes to his friend who did the right thing at the right time.

Sometimes,in this show, they take care of even minutest details like I was impressed by the director’s attempt to show Maulvi Saheb drinking water with three pauses.I am glad that they always succeed in showing Maulvi saheb as ultra optimistic person in this show .I really enjoyed Afzal and his father conversation today; Especially, when his father asked him,“shaadi kar k ittela dou gay ya humain bhi bulao gay“.Maulvi Saheb’s concern and Afzal’s loyalty to his father is another example of pure relationship in this show.

Afzal left Maulvi Saheb in confusion when he told him that its his boss’s daughter with whom he wants to get married and they, themselves, invited Afzal and his family for the dinner. From last couple of episodes, I was thinking about some twist related to Arfa’s misunderstanding of thinking Lubna as the mystery girl. But that is revealed  at the end of this episode too and we are left with questions in our mind again- whats next ?

I thoroughly enjoy each and every dialogue of this show every time. Brilliant piece of art-work by Khalil-ur-Rehman. Cant wait for next episode.

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Rabia Basharat.


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