Dramas I Regret Watching!

Ohkay, yes we all have had our fair share of bad dramas that we ended up watching thinking the story might improve or we will have something to keep with us by the end but sadly we were mistaken. The story went out of the way & even beat the word of unpredictability. I like to watch dramas that are safe & at times predictable but not those which end up becoming a regret wasting the time upon.

So, the list dedicated to such masterpieces is as belows:

Mastana Mahi:

I actually failed to understand what was so ‘mastana’ about the ‘mahi’┬áin this drama. It started off as a story of two friends taking different paths in their lives but the story had absolutely nothing to offer once it progressed. Mehreen Raheel acted her bit well because it was a role we have seen her playing again & again, of a little pooh girl who likes things her way. She ends up marrying a man double her age & then after having issues she walks out of that marriage. What I actually disliked & never understood was the part where Fahad Mustafa gets himself checked in a motel in South Africa & he comes across a girl who does illegal things to make a living. The character was played by Deepti Gupta & we all have seen what a phenomenal actress she is but it was a farce seeing her wasted in such a role plus it just didn’t make sense. Sajjal Ali was beautiful as Suhai in that role but then the story took a turn & moved to politics of the town. Who would’ve thought that a story which probably started off abroad would end up in a town of Sindh where in the end three ladies on the phone will threaten a goon & they will get the man of their family back. What a waste of time I must say!

Zard Mausam:

The story was about a young girl putting her parents through hell. But I think it wasn’t only confined to her parents who she put through hell, it went on to her siblings, then to her husband & then eventually her unborn child. I think the writer had nothing to tell us & it was more like a drama where the ideas were inflicted at a random thought. No bases, no grounds for anything & the story was just bad with an equally bad execution. I actually by the end of the drama thought why did I do this to myself & wasted a whole lot of weeks on such a bad story? Yes, I did expect that may be Ayeza Khan will earn some brains but the way she kept on moving in her life was totally unrealistic. I, till this date do not get the purpose of the drama & nor do I wish to find out.

Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Mile:

What was that drama all about? Miseries of the whole world rolled into one family? I was gutted to see it go down the drain because when I tuned into this drama I thought we got a very nice family drama based on a strong friendship, no doubt all the characters were amazing & the best role was played by Sheheryaar Munawwar of a guy who had a few limitations but I absolutely felt for the character because the approach was different & he wasn’t made to look pitiful┬áin the start but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. He later went on losing one limb after another & nothing in the story made sense. Alishba Yousaf was great in the drama & definitely the only saving grace but sadly she couldn’t pull off such a weak script single handedly because the miseries made all the the other characters vulnerable.

Ek Tamanna La Hasil Si:

Yes, the story & sense was ‘lahasil’ in this drama & I couldn’t ‘hasil’ anything from it. I know it was based on the real life stories where the daughters in law get tortured by their husband’s family but the level of torture & then the accusations were enough of a tick off. I remember leaving reviewing it the midway because I was running out of decent words to speak about the story myself. It had everything from drinking to extramarital affairs to infidelity accusation & in the end a protagonist losing her mind. It would’ve been better if a little less miseries were thrown our way but sorry it was a bad bad drama.


Never thought that this drama would ever made to my regret-watching list because it started off great & all the characters were realistic but the note it ended on was absolutely ridiculous. Yes, it was just another one of those sister rivalry based stories but I thought the drama had more to offer than just that & yes, it did offer a lot more but in all the negative aspects. A sister getting involved in the black magic against her eldest sister just to get a few pennies of the property, boy I was mistaken to be taking them as literate & sophisticated people. Amina Sheikh tried hard to make a mark but failed miserably. All she had was to pull off a painful face & take all the blame on her, I was bored to death by watching her act all miserable. The drama was a big flop for me at least.


Despite the production value & a great cast & even the appearance of Deepak Parwani after years & years, this drama was an absolute rubbish. Not that we all are aware of the point where it lead to but the characters were bad. Sanam Saeed tried to act the character of Mina with the best of her ability but sadly she on her own was enough to spoil the whole drama. Yes, we all do like to watch some thrillers & dramas with a tint of negativity but this was capable of spoiling your taste for a whole week. Extremely sad that this drama was what I thought would be different but in the end made me feel I wasted my time upon. I sincerely hope that the writer got a good feedback of this drama & we won’t be seeing her using the imagination in such a way again.

Kabhi Kabhi:

Yes, this drama is on-air right now & I am already regretting watching this. I am not sure why such a good cast opt for such weak scripts making us fall for the trap. The only reason why I tuned into this drama was because of Ahsan/Mehwish Khan’s pairing because they both have a great on-screen chemistry. The drama began with a great characterization making us feel that it had something different to offer. So sad it wasn’t supposed to be & we all know where the story is heading to. I hope it ends ASAP & the Friday night prime time slot is filled with something to look forward to, not something that we dread tuning into.

So, this is what my list comprises of. I know people would expect me to add Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai in this list but the truth is as much as I disliked the drama I enjoyed reviewing & then reading the comments of all the people who agreed & felt exactly the same as me about the show. So, yes for that I thank the makers of Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai for providing us with a weekly entertainment that we all would laugh ours head off at. Please feel free to share the dramas you regretted watching.

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