Dramas with unconventional themes

Pakistani dramas are recently following certain patterns. This has led to criticism and people turning away to Turkish shows. However there are a few dramas that are a breath of fresh air and refuse to follow the old plot lines. They are exploring new themes and topics.
Here are a few of them:

i) Drama na mar jaye: Currently on air on Express this serial is a dark commentary on the inner workings of our drama industry. It follows the lives of junior artists who are attempting to make it in our highly competitive industry. Rivalries, jealousies and societal prejudices are all explored in it.


ii) Rung: Being aired on Hum sitaray this show is a breath of fresh air. Especially it’s early episodes which dealt with a mother( Asma abbas) pushing her daughter to succeed were delightful. It also has an excellent theme song and opening sequence.


iii) Woh – Dobara: Currently on air on Hum it is one of the very few horror dramas being made in Pakistan. Senior actors Sultana Zafar, Shahod alvi, Sakina Samoo star in it. So far it has managed to portray the situation brilliantly with an engaging plot.

woh dubara

iv) Digest writer: Starring Saba Qamar this serial is about the life of a girl from a lower-middle class family who becomes a successful drama writer and eventually a celebrity. It airs on Hum.

digest writer

v) Kami reh gayi: An excellent well-executed serial it deals with the problems of a girl who wants to become a model. Mehwish Hayat, Semee Raheel and Nauman Aijaz star.

kami reh gayii

vi) Sadqay Tumahre: Airing on Hum this drama has the potential to become the next Humsafar. Adnan malik, Shamil khan, Mahira Khan, Samiya Mumtaz star. Fawad khan wasted a huge opportunity by declining this serial to do a B-grade movie with a loud mouthed brat.

sadqay tumhare

vii) Narm Garm: A light-hearted comedy serial that airs on Hum sitaray. Certainly a break from vulgar and loud comedy serials that are plaguing our TV screen.

naram garam

viii) Jackson heights: Airing on Urdu one it deals with the lives of Pakistani immigrants in USA and is certainly better then the masterpiece :P, called ‘ Ahista Ahista’ also shot in the USA. Mehreen jabbar is the director while Amina Sheikh, Marina khan, Adnan Jaffer and Nauman Aijaz star.

jackson heights1

ix) Jab we wed: An excellent comedy starring the beautiful Ayeza khan and Danish Taimoor. The show is an excellent way to introduce and popularize the newest couple of Pakistani entertainment industry. Even Hira ( Mani ki biwi) is doing a good job! Surprised? So was I! The serial airs on Urdu one.

jab we wed

x) Babul ki saheliyan: Airing on Hum sitaray it is a show that deals with the problem of unmarried aged siblings. Shabbir jan stars as the brother of several aged unmarried sisters.

If you want to add more dramas to this list please comment. Keep supporting.

Talha Rizvi


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