Driving lessons from Shaniera Akram

It is not only that our desi women get into the trouble of giving never ending lessons but now we have another example of our foreigner bhabi “shaniera Akram.”What got Shaneira in giving public safety messages on twitter was, that she saw a lady driving while feeding her baby in her lap.

The first tweet Shaniera did was …


It was right after that one of the Pakistani critique started.


Shaniera insisted on not accepting anyone else’s opinion regarding Pakistan.


Things did not stop right there but moved on to detailed public safety messages.

4-4 5-5

6-6 7-7

In the mean while to break the chain of these emotional safety messaged appeared a tweet from public calling her efforts useless.


But shaneira Bhabi glued to the idea of teaching lesson to Pakistani Awaam with the never dying determination, therefore she continued.

9-9 10

Finally the public admitted…


All we can say is Thank you so much Shaniera for both your feelings and tweets.

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