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Ek Naye Cinderella Episode 6 Review – Knight In Shining Armor

‘Love is blind’, Meesha and Mahir has proved this phrase right. In Meesha’s blinded infatuation with Mahir, she cannot see who her real prince charming is. In her eyes, a prince charming is rich, handsome and travel on horses and Roman does not fit into this category. Will she ever realize what a true jem Roman is? Mahir is also blind towards Zaini’s true selfish nature.

Roman has once again proved that he is the ‘fairy man’. Meher had used every possible way to stop Meesha from going to Mahir’s place. The way Meesha cried was heart wrenching, but how can Meesha stay upset as long as Roman is there! He again proved to be her knight in shining armor! He did all her chores and dropped her off to Mahir’s place on a horse. Roman is also seen giving advice to Meesha to win over Mahir. And the advice actually worked! Meesha ignored Mahir and this left him boggled enough to finally notice her and make conversation. That’s progress!

Mahir is falling more in love with Zaini by the day. Zaini Mahir scenes were the most annoying part of the episode for me. How can Mahir even like Zaini? She is the most self centered person I’ve ever seen. Poor Meesha had to watch Zaini and Mahir together and could not help but feel jealous.

Another part of the episode which I liked was when Roman made Meesha realize that she should not have lied to Zaini. Meesha actually felt bad about her lie and tried to make Zaini go back to Mahir’s place. This shows that Roman is not only her helper but also her guider. He will always help her to distinguish between right and wrong.

We finally know why Meher is after Roman. She wants him to get married to Annie. Poor Roman doesn’t even know what is being planned for him. Annie’s attempt to talk to Roman was hilarious. This was the funniest part of the episode for me.

Roman has this quality of winning over everyone and he was finally able to win over Nano too. It was seen that she was against Roman at first, but Roman knows how to win people’s heart. A hot cup of tea with a little flattery helped him to win her over. I have a very strong feeling that Nano is considering Roman for Meesha. Nano is also well aware of Meesha’s feelings for Mahir, she thinks it is just an infatuation and will pass over time. We would have to wait to find this out…

Roman may be the savior for Meesha but his life is also a mess in itself. His relative cum employer is an inconsiderate woman. We saw this when she refused to let him enter in the house when he got late and made him sleep outside the house. I really felt sorry for Roman. Poor thing!

Zaini is also seen showing her true colors to Mahir. She became insecure when Meesha lied to her about Bano instigating Mahir against Zaini. She misbehaved with Mahir and taunted him of being dependent on his mother for everything. I’m happy that Mahir finally saw her true face. I hope he realizes what a selfish person she is.

Overall it was a good episode. We finally got to see some progress in Mahir Meesha’s relationship. At least he spoke to her! Roman made me a greater fan of him. I am COMPLETELY on Team Roman now.

I am really looking forward to the next episode. Will Meesha Mahir relationship finally move forward? Will he finally realize that Zaini is not the girl he had fallen in love with? Will Meesha ever realize who her true prince charming is? To find the answer don’t forget to watch the next episode of Ek Nayee Cinderella!

Mariam Shafiq

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