Emmad Irfani And Ghana Ali Are Working On Pak-Turk Upcoming Film

We love watching films especially Pakistani as we feel that there is immense talent in the industry which must be given a chance to show the world what Pakistanis are capable of. We heard the good news that a new project is about to begin between Pakistan and Turkey television industry. 

Emmad Irfani, Ghana Ali, and Mert Sismanlar are going to play the main characters. Ghana Ali revealed the storyline of the film that is, ” the film covers the era of 1920 when British rule was at its peak in the subcontinent but our forefathers fought against Britain and started a Khilafat Movement to help their Turkish brothers and sisters”. 



Mert Sismanlar

Moreover, the film pays tribute to the unsung heroes of the independence movement as well as to the brave Turkish nation. The project aims to strengthen the bond between the two countries. 

Let’s just wait for the upcoming film. For more updates, stay tuned to our page. 


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  • This is great ,building friendships through arts! Plus,Pakistani should learn and develop from Turkish tv and films,they are great! Pakistan will do better to follow the Turkish film making then BW,which is very inferior !

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