Exclusive Mahira Khan’s Dance On Babar Zaheer’s Mehendi

Recently our favourite makeup artist, Babar Zaheer just got Nikkahfied. Few hours ago, internet is buzzing with his mehendi photos and videos. Babar’s big day is attended by his besties Mahira Khan and Hania Aamir. Both of them can be seen hugging Babar and getting super emotional on their friend’s big day.

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Babar can be seen wearing white sherwani with green shawl on one shoulder and his beautiful wife is spotted wearing a very traditional yellow dress. Babar is absolutely rocking the mehendi on his hands without thinking about what people will think. You go, boy!

Here is Mahira’s exclusive dance on Babar’s big day and oh my God, look at her moves!

She is performing on Noori song from her own movie ‘Superstar’

Her black dress with golden jhumkas are show stealers and here we have another video of her dance performance. Let’s have a look on it.

She is all emotional on her bestie’s big day and this video can’t get more adorable.

We wish Babar a successful life ahead. Do let us know about your views on Mahira’s dance?


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  • Extremely vulgar! Stop forcing your liberal ideology down our throat, just about anyone can touch these women n force them to dance.

    • How exactly is she forcing her liberal ideology down your throat? It was her choice to dance at a mehendi, it was your choice to watch her. she did not kidnap you and force you to watch her dance. How about you monitor your own behaviour before having a go at others for theirs.

  • Mahira Khan’s image of being a classy actress is completely tarnished now. Every other day there’s a cheap vulgar video of her on social media.

    I now understand why our older generations used to call such people ‘kanjar’ and ‘maraasi’! But sadly for our generation These are the respectables and looked up to by the youth!

    • kanjar and marasi, hahahhaha
      But in the past people were kanjar were by chance ( as being born in such family) but now they are by choice.

  • Ajeeb pagal pan lgaya huwa h inho ne bhi jahan jagah miley wahin Naachna start kardete hn

  • Poor guy is gay and I feel sorry for his wife. Also Mahiras dance was so amateur, she got no move. She should have just respectfully stayed out of the light on her friend’s big day

  • She’s adorable and so is her dance. It’s just as our weddings’ mehndi functions are celebrated generally. The younger lot has a right to enjoy with family and friends.

  • You all need to learn to mind your own business and let people live. Just because shes having fun and you are not. Its so sad how you have such small minds. This is why your so behind in everything because you kill your own. Whilst other countries support their own. Grow up.

  • Celebs are not so professional and respectable as we see them from anchors to drama and films actreses one can pay and let them dance whole night im sure now they are public property, she looks like kanjre and the dance moves she doeas looks like mujra !

  • She is very decent, humble, classy and beautiful personality we ever had in show biz (especially in film industry)!
    Whatever Firdous Jamal said it was 100% wrong and seems like some propaganda against this lovely girl “ a Superstar”.
    Presently only Shining Star in Pak film industry.

  • إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ.

    • Probably because of society pressure. They can’t let people be. He’;; be “cured” after marriage. It seems like the answer to everything in Pakistan.

  • Kitne munafiq log ho tum log jab yehi chez koi indian actress kare to wah wah karte ho agar mahira khan ne kardia to usko pata nhi kia kya likha ja rha hai.

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