Mahira Wants To Work With Bilal Abbas Khan And People Can’t Stop Mocking Her

Mahira has been the talk of the town lately and again people are making fun of her.

After tremendous performance in cheekh, Bilal Abbas has been the talk of the town.  Bilal Abbas Khan is one of those lucky performers who have grabbed tremendous love and support from their fans in very little time. Bilal Abbas Khan is the new heartthrob of Pakistani drama industry. With his empathetic nature in O Rangreza as Qasim, Bilal has impressed millions and people are counting him as the next big star in the industry. In a very short time span, Bilal has emerged as one of the most loved celebrities. His character Taimur in the new serial ‘Balaa’ will mesmerize you, we must say that Bilal Abbas knows his work very well! The actor made his big screen debut with Rafay Rashdi’s ‘Thora Jee Le’ in January 2017.


In a recent interview, Mahira has wished to work with Cheekh actor Bilal Abbas Khan. She stated:

                        “I wanna work with Bilal Abbas , he is very good. “

Is it even possible our public leave a famous figure without mocking. People absolutely judged her for expressing her wish and age shamed her. Mahira has also been age shamed before by veteran actor, Firdous Jamal and now from local public.

People made fun of her, and commented:

Umm, the people are way too straight forward nowadays and age shaming is maybe the new fat shaming.


Again, age shaming..


Who can even answer her question except Mahira?


Age shaming continues,


People just cannot forget what happened in past and keep on making sarcastic comment.


People judging already but we are sure they will make a good couple.


And more and more hate for Mahira.


Mahira has been under fire from quite a long time but she absolutely has no time for haters. We believe she and Bilal will rock together as couple. Your comments?



Safina Jatoi is a content creator and editor at Reviewit. She loves to explore latest themes related to Pakistani Showbiz and Latest Happenings.

    • Ooo trumo ki najayz aulaad apni shkl dekhi hai??? Bloody ugly pork eating indians..wddi ayi tu Pakistaniyo ko judge krne..tere jsi shkl wali ko hum ghr pe kaam pe tk ni rkhte..assholes

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  • Bilal Abbass will be lucky if he acts in a drama with Mahira. She is a great actress.

  • Carry on Mahira….
    The way you are tolerating the abusive remarks is worth appreciating. Bilal is a wonderful actor.
    It will be a great treat to watch you both acting together.

  • People who judge people and pass nasty comments are pityable and must be sad too.So pray for them and ignore them.

  • It’s an honor for Abbas that Pakistan icon is admiring him . It’s not shame it will work . Welcome mahira keep it up

  • When it comes to acting, age does not matter as long as the appearance of the performers matches with the character and story line. Actually people make negative comments out of jealousy. Jealousy is the root of all evil.

  • I think people should stop the negativity between others because why interfere in other people’s lives when it has nothing to do with yours. Mahira khan does not need to be told by anyone she can’t work with this person. I’m sure if Bilal Abbas Khan and Mahira Khan work together it would be a hit! So forget about others there will always be trolls sitting behind screens writing this and next thing you know they will be watching it as well.

  • It’s a shame how we Pakistani think. If Tom cruise can come in movies at the age of 55 or Sandra Bullock then why cant our media people act in their late 30’s.

  • I think they will match each other really well in both talent and looks- I would love to see them together. Bilal should be flattered that Mahira wants to work with him.
    How sexist are we? This is world over but so much more in South Asia. Men have to be at least 50 for people to start commenting on their age and women just 30!!

  • He would look too young to be casted as her hero …but yes maybe as his elder sister or Bhabi they would be amazing together on screen. Both are full of expressions.

  • they both are very good actors. They should work together nd ignore haters…. there are people who love them and wants to see them together.. love for Bilal nd Mahira.

  • چیک کریں کہ زیادہ زھریلے کمنٹس لڑکیوں نے دیے ھیں مایرہ خان۔کی۔خواھش پر،عورت ھی عورت کی ویری ھے :)

  • India k salman khan ,shahrukh khan bht se actors k age 50 plus ho gae he ..bht c actress un k sath kaam krna chahtii hn ..edr pakistan k logun ko pta ni kia masla he jis k sath kaam krna chahta he agr dono tyar hn to kr len..

  • Actually bilal also want to work with mahira.
    Bilal bohut hi decent and innocent type hai.
    Achay lagenge dono💕❤

  • Larkian kiun jalti hain mahira se
    Bilal k saath kaam krna chahti hain tou krna chahye na
    achay lagenge dono

  • Don’t know what’s the big deal if Mahira wants to work with Bilal Abbas…they are actors n want a challenge to give their best….good luck to both of them.

  • The trolls are out of control with their jealousy, I think some are jealous industry artists, and others are just miserable people. Mahira is only 34 yrs old ,she is beautiful and talented with international following . Learn to respect people that God has given the X factor ,too! Saba is 36 yrs old ,Angelina jolee is 44 yrs old, ashwiraia rai is 44 yrs old came opposite ranbir kapoor ,as his lover,the film everyone in Pakistan watch! Trolls are zeros !,

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