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Eye Colour shows the personality

People go to astrologers and palmists to see what will there life and destiny be when there is another way to know about yourself. The eye colour of every person tells his or her full personality and only people who can read faces can understand it. This has now become a trend. It was a stereotype that we used to hear since our childhood that people with grey eyes are traitors and not trustworthy. As we grew up we came to know that many of our good friends had grey eyes so typically it is not correct in all cases but mostly the result is true for the majority. Eye colour defines a person’s nature, habits, way of thinking and also the desires.


People with brown eyes are attributed as very smart and independent. Along with this strength the people with brown eyes are also termed as shy and introverts. Introverts are mostly not trusted by many people as they listen to the secrets of others but do not disclose anything about themselves. They like to keep themselves private but they are fun loving in nature. They like to make people laugh and have fun. Apart from this the people with brown eyes have a great sense for fashion and they are very creative. This is why many fashion designers are having brown colored eyes. The brown eye colour is much common and people who have that are considered as attractive, confident and adorable. They have an affectionate nature and care very much about their family. Also an important feature of brown eyed people is that they are self confident and very determined, persevering people. They are nature lovers, spiritual and can be very strong headed at times. Brown has many shades as well like light and dark brown but this result is for all brown eyes in general.

People with blue eyes are very attractive and beautiful. They are bubbly and outgoing which makes them extroverts in nature. Being extroverts, results in gaining the trust of many people. These people are very loyal and sincere. Once they become friends, they are very kind and loving. These people are very smart and creative. Along with this they have the confidence to talk to anyone at any time. They are not shy at all and this is what makes them more popular among others. Blue eyes are better known for mesmerizing others so keep them safe and use them well. They try to remain anonymous after doing good deeds. They have a peaceful kind of a personality. People who have blue eyes should get happy about the fact that their eye color is very desirable and is often associated with youthfulness. It has been noted that the blue eyed people mostly have long lasting relationships. They are pretty, peaceful, kind and smart. Those who have deep blue eyes are spiritual people and also possess a good power of observation.

People with green eyes are very passionate when it comes to love and relationships. This is a very rare eye colour. These people value trust and long term friendships and relationships. Green eyed people are somehow a little bit jealous. These people think after saying not before saying and this is what makes them a bit childish. Green eyed people are adventurous and fun loving. They love to be near the ocean. They are calm and very intelligent. Green eyes are often considered as having a certain mystery in them. People with green eyes are found to be mostly curious by nature and are intelligent. They go well together in their relationships and are passionate people. They have an incredible zest for life who want to live life fully. Jealousy is a factor which is often termed as the negative feature of their personalities.


It has been observed that people with grey eyes are wise and gentle individuals and are the least aggressive. They are known for their sensitivity, a flexible attitude and their inner strength. They possess a style of analytical thinking and are rational and clear in their thoughts.  People like to be around people with grey eyes as they are calm and in control in a quiet, non-obsessive way. People who have black eye colour are often considered as trustworthy and responsible. They don’t like to tell much about themselves and are also known to have strong spiritual bent. Hence they are mostly termed as secretive people. However they are passionate and lively as well. They don’t leave their friends in need. They are optimists and won’t rest when they have to demonstrate they have to do something. They know how to prove their worth to others. See what your eye color tells about your personality and give your valuable suggestions.

Written by: Moomal Hassan

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