Face Music Mela 2017 postponed

In the aftermath of a series of horrifying terror attacks that have gripped the country, with the latest devastation happenings in the country, the mood in the entertainment industry, much like the rest of the country, is both grave and sad

After PFDC, now the Face Music Mela 2017 which was scheduled to take place next month, on March 3 and 4 in Islamabad has been postponed. The decision has been made as a way to showcase solidarity in these harsh days.

The artist which were suppose to perform were Ali Ashraf and the Crazy Vibes, Bulbulik (Gojal, Hunza), The Canvas, Iqbal Baloch Banjo, Rap Engineers, Natasha Baig, Kyub Yul Sa (France), Sibti & the Retrosexuals, Sain Tanveer Bros (Dhol), Call the band, Zoha Zuberi, Surge, Sikander Ka Mandir, Uzair Jaswal, Sattar Jogi, Azal, Sara Haider and Qawalistan. A new date for the event is still awaited.

Rimsha Butt