Fahad Mustafa Had An Altercation With A Reporter

Fahad Mustafa is a huge star. The actor has done a lot of work and has worked really hard to make a place for himself in the industry. He is right now one of the most loved and talented stars of Pakistan. But he is also known for being too hard in his expression of opinions. Well, the actor was again caught up in controversy when he had an altercation with a reporter at Karachi King’s press event.

A reporter from Samaa TV mistakenly called Fahad Mustafa “Fawad” while he was asking a question and Fahad did not take it easy. He went on to say that this is the reason the reporters are not paid their salaries. Well, the reporter also retaliated in the way he could and called out Fahad Mustafa. He said that Fahad should have had learnt a bit about cricket before he compared Mohammad Aamir to the legendary Waseem Akram. Fahad did not take his comments easy and asked to switch off his mike.

Things really got out of hand and a little restraint from both sides could have easily diffused the situation!

Pakeeza Dar