Fahad Mustafa Thinks Pakistani Directors Only Want Heroes With Fair Complexion

Fahad Mustafa has rose to fame because of his talent but it is also a fact that he groomed himself a lot to make himself more wanted in the industry. Fahad Mustafa’s father Salahuddin Tunio was also attached to the drama industry when it was at its peak but he is seldom seen in plays lately. Salahuddin Tunio was also a very famous actor but he is not very good looking something which fans might think did not effect his career but Fahad’s recent tweet suggests something else.


Fahad Mustafa has been criticized by many people because he pays too much attention to looking good and now Fahad Mustafa has revealed in some way why looking good is so important in Pakistani industry. Fahad Mustafa’s tweet shows without any doubt that he thinks that Pakistani directors are biased in favor of actors who are good looking whereas Indian directors give more importance to talent.

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui is an Indian actor who has appeared in many Indian films. He is not good looking in the strict sense of the word. Fahad Mustafa mentions “shakal” and “complexion” in his tweet which means that having fair complexion is very important in Pakistani drama industry. Fahad Mustafa got surgery done to make his complexion fair and his statement shows that he had to do that because there was no other way to get recognized in the industry.