Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 20!

Oh My God!!! It was such an intense episode & it kept me at the edge of my seat. I absolutely love the events that are unfolding in Diyar-e-Dil. Usually I always talk about the actors by the end of my review but I am going to change the format this week because I think Osman Khalid Butt deserves a massive shout out for such a brilllliiiiiiiantttttttttt performance & I couldn’t wait to mention it. Hats off OKB! This episode belonged to you!

I know it would sound monotonous as I have said it before a million times that Moeez is despicable but then, when I think about him, no other word seem to personify him that is why I will say that again, Moeez is despicable & quiet an opportunist because the way he wanted Faarah to go to the same doctor that Agha Jaan arranged for her went to show that he didn’t have enough pennies in his wallet to take his ‘beloved’ cousin (as Wali puts it) somewhere else, or to an even better doctor than the one appointed by Agha Jaan. It really shows that even though he may come across as someone who’s genuinely in love with Faarah, he has some ulterior motives too because he has started to push his agenda a bit too much now.

I am glad that they haven’t shown a time lapse in writing but have taken the story forward in such a way that a dialogue or two suggest that a few years have passed by. Faarah is at the brink of completion of her MBBS & that is why it seems that Tajjamul, Zohra & Moeez are playing the final cards because they now know that they wouldn’t have to support Faarah or her education as by the time her divorce will be finalized, she would be done with her studies, so that means they would only have to worry about the bank balance & property she will inherit.

There was a time when I used to give Ruhina a benefit of doubt & also supported her in a way that she was entitled to take the time she needed to forgive Agha Jaan (even though it wasn’t necessary) but this time around, I have nothing but detest & hatred for her character & I think she really has worked hard to earn that. Ruhina is a shallow being who’s all talk because if she had the nerve to back the words that she used to blurt, she wouldn’t be stooping so low, where at one hand she would be living a luxurious life & on the other, would be cussing the one who was bearing all the burden of her & her family’s expenses. Ruhina is one of those who can never be happy & that in itself is a curse on her.

I am so glad that Arjumand was around all this while, that is why now when she stepped up, it didn’t look forced. She was there in the background, worrying about Wali & Agha Jaan, that is why now when the time was right, she knew she had to do something as she couldn’t tolerate seeing Agha Jaan & Wali suffering at the hands of Ruhina & Faarah anymore. Arjumand’s statements made quiet an impact because they came from a person who wasn’t irrational or wrongfully emotional & spoke when it really was necessary.

I must say, OKB nailed the confrontational scene but before talking about that, I would say that I am still not sure what to feel about Faarah because I don’t see clarity in her character. At one point she will come across as a level-headed girl who knows what she wants out of life & at the other, she will fall prey to everyone’s brain feeding & let them run the course of her life? I don’t really understand why is she so confused? Yes, she has been pretty clear about not wanting to be in a relationship with Wali & also she seems pretty comfortable with Moeez, so even after hearing the conversation between Ruhina & Tajjamul, she chose to go out for a dinner date with Moeez, & just when he proposed to her, she went in a trance where she unwillingly was ready to accept his proposal but made it look like she couldn’t make up her mind. She knows what her family wants from her & she has pretty much agreed on the same lines too, so why all of a sudden it looked like there was some sort of a block on her thoughts that she didn’t know how to deal with?

Well, talking about the restaurant scene, I must say all the dialogues were so well-written & I didn’t mind seeing Faarah getting insulted because this is really something she signed up for. Each & every word that Wali said was spot on because he didn’t just love her but he respected her as well & to see his wife accepting someone else’s proposal made him lose his mind & rightly so, that is why Wali had the right to say whatever crossed his mind. Another best thing about that scene was the way Wali dealt with Moeez & the way Moeez reached for his chair after he got insulted, lol. He is such a chicken I must say. I am so glad that our hero finally made an entry with a bang & he is a force to reckon with, so glad that the Meesna Moeez now knows that Wali is not someone to be taken lightly because he knows how to bring his enemies down.

All this while, Ruhina said she only wanted what was best for her daughter & what more could she have done to prove her love that now she is ready to drag her young daughter in the court, just because her ego is not allowing her to accept the decision Behroz made for Faarah? I really thought Faarah would be able to analyze the situation well but I really find it hard to believe that she gives in every time her mother throws a hissy fit while emotionally blackmailing her. Faarah did understand her mother’s irrationality but looks like in these past couple of years she has become immune to all that jazz herself. Also, I really think it was quite immature of Faarah to doubt Agha Jaan just for the sake of it because she chooses to believe what she has heard from Ruhina & ignore her personal experience with him where he has been showering her with love, care & attention all these years!

Yes, what Wali did was quite intimidating but that doesn’t mean Faarah has to overlook her own mistake & hold him responsible for his rude behavior. All this while we did see Faarah reflecting upon the events that took place in her life, so why is it that she has completely blocked Wali off her mind & she is not ready to give him a chance. Wali has spent a few years with her, taking care of her, being nice to her, so why can’t Faarah see that? I think her decision of filing for a divorce was quite unreasonable as well, yes, she hasn’t accepted Wali as her life-partner but to use one incident against him makes Faarah an even bigger fool & then it reminds me that she is exactly like her mother; Ruhina, because she also took one bitter memory & made all the judgments about Agha Jaan based on that single bad experience.

I love love love the way Arjumand deals with Ruhina & this time around she chose not to stay silent about Tajjamul & Zohra too which was commendable. Being a mother, it is obvious that Arjumand feels for Wali as she knows he is working so hard to provide all the luxuries that Faarah & Ruhina are enjoying, that is why she felt it was her duty to remind Ruhina about it too. I really find it interesting that everyone in Haveli has become aware of Ruhina’s reality & that is why no one really remains silent on this matter anymore. Arjumand & Wali know that Ruhina is exploiting Agha Jaan’s favors & courtesy, that is why they don’t let him speak anymore because they know he will not say the things that are needed to be said.

I absolutely loved this episode & the preview seemed even better. I know Wali’s approach might look harsh but I think this is exactly the way to deal with Faarah to make her familiar with the reality & bring her out of Ruhina’s negative influence. I loved everyone’s acting but Hareem Farooq definitely stood out in this episode, I love how calm & composed she looks even when it is so obvious that she is furious on the inside & now coming back to Osman Khalid Butt again, he nailed every single scene in this episode & I am so glad he has opened up as Wali. OKB has perfectly portrayed all the different shades of Wali’s character to perfection where he can be really polite & sweet but when pushed the wrong way, he can very well intimidate his opponent as well. This episode definitely belonged to Osman Khalid Butt & oh I also loved how Wali didn’t give Agha Jaan the opportunity to speak, Abid Ali looked absolutely adorable when he really wanted to step in to bring everything under control but he couldn’t tame the angry young man; Wali, haha! I loved ittt!!! Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Diyar-e-Dil. :D

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