Mumkin – Episode 18 & 19!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Mumkin have been great because finally the story moved on. I really enjoyed watching these two episodes & I hope they maintain the same pace till the drama ends. :)

I am glad that Aziz stood up for Mehreen & let everyone know that Mehreen wasn’t involved with him in an affair but was his lawfully wedded wife. Just when I thought he was being serious in his approach, the following scenes suggested something totally opposite. I really didn’t understand why was it so difficult for him to state the obvious that he got married to Mehreen even before Nageen came into his life & after when he decided to come clean about the whole situation, his attempts of convincing Nageen were quite odd too. It looked like Aziz was too tired to even make a decent attempt or have a serious discussion with both Nageen & Natasha.

To be honest, I found Nageen’s reactions quite realistic because the way Aziz threw a curve-ball at her, anyone else would’ve reacted the same way. All her life she has seen Aziz as a perfect husband who was a perfect father to her daughter & now all of a sudden to find out that her perfect husband wasn’t so perfect right from the beginning made her baffled & furious. It is obvious that she felt betrayed & cheated & instead of giving her a proper reason for keeping her in the dark for all these years, Aziz had nothing decent to say to her at all? No decent explanation, nothing at all.

Well, actually, I found Muneeb’s reaction quite odd. He didn’t have to take such a firm hand at Maira but then I think his reactions were pushed a little too much to make his presence felt in the drama because ever since he got married to Maira, he didn’t have much contribution in the drama anyways. So, Muneeb thought Maira was just as blameworthy as Mehreen because she deceived him all this while but how clueless could he be because if Maira had been aware of it all, she wouldn’t be meeting Kamran uncle. I don’t understand why it was so hard for Muneeb to put two & two together. Maira has always been honest & loyal to him, so to see him doubting his wife & not only that, considering parting ways with her makes him a little less likeable then he used to be. Muneeb not only doubted Maira but he chose to believe whatever Natasha & Waleed told him which makes him look like a different person altogether. Muneeb was always the sane one who didn’t care much about what people said because when Maira had doubts about Mehreen’s second marriage, it was Muneeb who convinced her saying that people’s opinions didn’t matter at all & now he was seen complaining about how he would respond to people’s objections & questions?

Of all the people, I really like Muneeb’s mother Hina, she really is a wise person who knows how to handle any sort of situation. I really loved how instead of siding with Muneeb, she blamed him for being unreasonable & unfair with Maira. Her character is such a breath of fresh air because she is not like those typical mother in laws that we get to see on our screen in every other drama. The way she hid the envelop & the way Aziz didn’t allow her to spill the beans, definitely sheds a light on the fact that there’s more to this story & there’s some sort of bigger reason & justification behind Aziz’s decision of getting married to Nageen.

Nageen now has understood that Natasha depends a lot more on Aziz than she should. She is like a spoiled adult-child who chooses not to grow up but I think it would be better for her if she does because then she would be able to handle the truth gracefully about Aziz not being hers but Maira’s real father. Nageen knows how hard it must be for her that is why she tried to tell Natasha to pay attention to her husband but now Natasha will give a hard time to Nageen too. Waleed really thinks he has hit the jackpot because he pretty much talked Muneeb into divorcing Maira & he did all that so that he could demand the business ownership from Aziz as he knows he would do anything to save Mehreen & Maira from facing any sort of brunt. Waleed has turned this fiasco into a golden chance for himself & I so want to see what he will eventually get, probably a kick from Natasha for being such a mean opportunist?

I am glad that Maira got the news that would save her marriage & Hina tried to knock some sense into Muneeb but then, I think he lost his credibility big time by doubting Maira & blaming her for the thing she wasn’t responsible for in the first place. Aziz & Mehreen are out to prove their marriage but looks like they don’t have enough evidence but this brings me to a question that if Mehreen had gotten rid of the pictures, I am sure she would’ve kept her Nikkah-nama somewhere because no matter what happens, no one ever gets rid of such an important legal document ever? Looks like Aziz & Mehreen will have to face a lot of difficulties to make people believe that they got married 20 years ago & Maira is their daughter. The drama has once again become interesting & I hope they take 2 – 3 more episodes to sort things out & wrap the drama up. Please share your thoughts about Mumkin. :)

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