Muqaddas – Episode 23-25

After watching episodes 23 and 24, (despite being in awe of the performances) I felt like the thrill was completely missing. It made me wonder if it would ever return because what kept us all glued to the screen in the initial episodes was guessing who the kidnapper was and what motive he could have. We learned about the identity of the kidnapper a few episodes ago and now we have to find out, what could possibly drive him to do all of this? The 24th episode made me think that the story was being dragged. Muqaddas was still freaking out about her pregnancy and we all were just guessing what motive Aatir could have for wanting to ruin Jahanzeb. After the 25th episode,  a tiny part of the secret was revealed and the whole pregnancy scenario moved a step ahead as well so I breathed a sigh of relief. So let’s start discussing the developments from these three episodes.

Shaukat’s wife, Razia, and her mother miraculously escaped from Akbar’s men, only to be captured again_ this time by Aatir’s guy. Aatir was at peace after being informed about their capture. He could then send them out of the city and this chapter could close forever. As for Shaukat, he gave him the task of spying on Kabir and reporting his every move. Meanwhile, Kabir was busy trying to force Jahanzeb to tell where he went after he came out of the coma and he succeeded.

After Aatir’s reminders to Jahanzeb, of the sins he had committed in the past, Jahanzeb was in deep stress and during his sleep, he kept asking for forgiveness from a woman named Ayesha. Muhib heard this and later when he questioned Jahanzeb about his sleep talk (in the presence of Muqaddas) it was clear that the siblings were familiar with the name because it belonged to their mother. Muqaddas’s dream also showed a woman crying in a corner of a dark house, and she referred to that woman as her mother. So is the woman, whose life Jahanzeb ruined, his own wife? How is she related to Aatir? Aatir has mentioned again and again that Jahanzeb ruined his mother’s life. In today’s episode he said that, “Aap ne meri maan ki zindagi barbaad ki, Muqaddas ki maa ki zindagi barbaad ki.” I think Jahanzeb destroyed the lives of two different women (because Muqaddas and Aatir’s mothers can’t be same, duh!). Whatever the case is, I know I can’t wait for the background story to be revealed.

As for Muqaddas, she has a lot on her mind right now:

a) she has yet to tell Aatir about the pregnancy (which we know won’t be a problem for him. but she doesn’t know that!)

b) she saw her mother in her dream and then her father told her that he treated his wife unfairly

c) she can’t even trust the love of her life completely  because she knows that Aatir has been visiting her father without telling her, that Aatir is the man her father visited after the coma ended and that Aatir showed her a “fake” kidnapper (remember Babar?)

d) her brother now knows about her supposedly illegitimate pregnancy

e) her bloodthirsty MIL is after her, has found out about the pregnancy, and is waiting for the opportune moment to strike

Out of these five situations in her life, I want her to deal with (a) first. In today’s episode, she was on the verge of telling the truth to Aatir, twice, but stopped. In episode 24, she was more concerned about what Aatir thought of Zain’s decision to marry Jia and even asked him about his relationship with her! Her question about Jia, however, was spot on! Had she married Aatir, would Jia have faced the same situation ?

These three episodes may not be so thrilling, but were still enjoyable. All the actors are superb and that is why I can connect to all of their characters. The writer, director, DOP, editors and everyone else on the team have done their jobs well. :) But the background music is extremely loud sometimes and I hope that this can be fixed. It’s not just Muqaddas, but most of the Pakistani dramas have very loud background scores.

Did you guys enjoy watching these episodes?

Areeba Mohsen


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