Faiza Saleem Mehndi Exclusive Pictures and Videos

Faiza Saleem’s Mehndi was held last night. Faiza Saleem is known for her fun loving personality and of course her sense of humor. Faiza was a happy bride who danced on her mehndi and enjoyed every second of it. She and her husband defied the traditional roles of bride and groom by enjoying this day to the maximum. Faiza Saleem looked stunning in a Nomi Ansari outfit which was both colorful and grand. Jibran Nasir and Mansha Pasha were also present on the Mehndi. For the first time, Mansha and Jibran Nasir danced on an event. Both of them showed their dance moves when they performed on the hit number Dilbar Dilbar.

Here are exclusive pictures and videos from Faiza Saleem’s mehndi held last night.


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