Khud Parast Episode 12 & 13 Story Review – Brilliantly Executed

Opening Thoughts – Brilliant Execution:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast was again executed brilliantly. The direction of this drama has stayed consistently amazing, the director has paid attention to little details which makes it a wholesome & a complete package visually. The amount of effort & hard work that has gone into making this drama is evident from the end result so the team should take a bow starting from the makers to the actors.

Uswa Dodged The Bullet But For How Long?

Uswa found herself in hot waters because Hanan let her know that he was not as naive as she thought he was. Hanan has always been someone who hasn’t shied away from analysing the situation, yes he might sway for a moment but when he sees what’s wrong, he speaks about it & this is what happened this time around too. Hanan saw that Bakhtawar stopped speaking about Uswa but now Uswa was the one who couldn’t contain herself & kept on maligning his heart against his mother. Uswa plays it openly but Bakhtawar knows her son in & out therefore she has taken a backseat & is now playing stealthily which is again a part of her plan because now Hanan will continue to see the faults of Uswa that are on the surface.

Uswa found herself falling flat on her face & that is when she couldn’t really cope up with how things were slipping away from her. So far Uswa thought she had things under control but no, Hanan made it very clear that he hadn’t banished his mother because of her. I must say the highlight of this entire episode for me was the conversation that Uswa & Beenish had. That entire scene & its dialogues was just so well-written because it showed the difference between the two. It showed how irrational & immature Uswa was & how calm & collected Beenish has been. Uswa blames it all on Beenish but she chooses not to see her own faults. I loved when Beenish mentioned that girls like Uswa can never be happy & it did shake her for a moment because just a while ago she was unhappy with the fact that Hanan rejected her demand of going to the cinema. It is unfortunate that Uswa has issues with Beenish too, like she should just leave her alone exactly the way Beenish has done & that would be enough. I liked that for the first time Beenish showed Uswa a mirror & stated everything that is true which obviously Uswa couldn’t handle!

So, Bakhtawar’s game plan began with sponsoring a business of Uswa’s brothers. Bakhtawar knew that she will hit a bullseye with this move of hers because it will make Uswa liable for the rest of her life & she will always feel burdened with the fact that her brothers are staying afloat because of Bakhtawar’s investment in their business. It was quite interesting to see how Uswa had a different behaviour with her sisters in law when she thought Hanan had invested his money but after finding out the truth, she only complained & felt embarrassed every time she saw them spending money on things they couldn’t afford before.

Uswa’s mother Zarina didn’t take long to forget how Hanan dragged her out of her house the moment she saw a gold chain. I am sure it isn’t far away when she will completely turn a blind eye towards Uswa seeing those luxuries in her own home that she has dreamt of because she herself is quite materialistic.

I think it was quite stupid of Uswa to go out with Adeel just so casually because that is a complete case of disloyalty & breach of trust. Just because Hanan said he won’t take her to cinema, she made sure she gets there even if it means deceiving her husband? What kind of a relationship Uswa’s building with Hanan? She is not even loyal to him so why does she expect him to get rid of everything & dance on her tunes? For how long is she going to wing it? Adeel is another lifeless character who’s got nothing better to do. Also, I find it weird that Uswa despite knowing that Adeel had feelings for her, casually chats with him. It is getting monotonous that Adeel constantly tells Uswa that she is unhappy & she always gets uncomfortable explaining him the otherwise! I think after what happened with Uswa, she should take it as an eye opener & stop fooling Hanan because she is digging her own grave by committing such mistakes. It was quite shocking that Uswa swore on her mother’s life to convince Hanan that she was at home, she really did cross the line but then Hanan believed her but for how long is the real question!

Closing Thoughts – Powerful Dialogues:

Overall, these episodes were quite interesting. I am glad that they started airing double episodes of Khud Parast, it makes watching this drama even more enjoyable. I have a feeling that things might change between Moeez & Beenish, I hope they do because she deserves happiness & the dynamics should definitely change in this track as well. All the actors for sure have done a great job, the black the white characters as well as the grey ones. I must say Adeel & two Bhabhi’s are too annoying & those characters have been portrayed by the actors tastefully. Shehzad Sheikh is super impressive & so are Nosheen Shah & Ramsha Khan. Asma Abbas has given a brilliant performance as Bakhtawar. I must say, the dialogues of this drama are brilliantly written, the writer has done a commendable work in wording such thoughtful dialogues which is a rarity in our dramas these days. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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