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Famous Novelists – Salma Kanwal

Salma Knawal is a popular fiction writer mainly in female readers. Salma Kanwal lived in Samanabad, Lahore and passed away in 2005. My spouse and I had a chance to personally visit her in 1980’s and it was a memorable evening. She was a courageous woman, despite being disable (cannot walk perhaps due to muscle dystrophy ), she concentrated her energies on writing. Salma Kanwal was married, but her only daughter passed away in teenage in 1970’s.

Salma Kanwal wrote more than 40 novels. Her novel Lala is based on her own life story. The popularity of her writings also drew the attention of film producers. Two of her novels were adapted for films, which were both super hits. Also one television drama based on her novel is also super hit and won the Lux Style for Best Drama (Satellite).

Andaleeb is super hit film released in 1969 starring Waheed Murad, Shabnam, Aaliya, Mustafa Qureshi. It was directed by Farid Ahmed and Nisar Bazmi was the music composer. Andleeb was based on novel Andleeb of Salma Kanwal. It is one of the best movies by director Farid Ahmed. Nisar Bazmi composed evergreen songs like ‘Kuch Log Rooth Kar Bhi Lagte Hain Kitne Pyaray’ and ‘Meray Dil Ki Mehfil Saja Denay Walay ‘.



Mehmaan was released in 1977 starring Babra Sharif, Rahat Kazmi, Najma and Nayyar Sultana. It was based on Salma Kanwal’s novel ‘Chupkay Se Bahar Aa Jaye’. Directed by Parvez Mailk, M. Ashraf was music composer. The film was a hit, and its songs are quite popular too till this day. ‘Zinda Rahain To Kya Hai jo Mar Jayen Hum To Kya’, ‘Hamain Gham Mila Hamesha’ are some famous songs of this film.

Coming to dramas, there has been no adaptation for any tv drama by PTV. But private satellite channel HUM TV adapted one novel of Salma Kanwal

Paani Jesa Pyar:
Paani Jesa Pyar was a drama of HUM TV in 2011, based on novel Suhagan of Salma Kanwal with some modifications. Sadly Hum TV did not put the name of Salma Kanwal on the credits of this drama. Instead Momal Shunaid claimed to be the writer of this drama, which off course is not true. It was a sad and condemn-able act of perjury and intellectual theft, by Momal Shunaid and HUM TV. The drama was directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, while main star cast consisted of Saba Qamar, Mikaal Zulfiaqr, Juggun Kazim, Samina Ahmed, Samina Peerzada, Firdose Jamal, Nosheen Shah, Babrik Shah and Rizwan Jaffri. OST was in voice of Sanam Maarvi and the drama won the lux style award for best drama.


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Rashid Nazir Ali