Fans Criticize Kiran Haq’s Bold Photo Shoot

Kiran Haq is a very talented actress who has impressed the viewers with her acting in some recent hit drama. She has stood out in supporting roles and has impressed the viewers with her performance when she played the lead roles with some very prominent actors of the industry. Kiran Haq has a lot of fans who appreciate her good work. But recently Kiran Haq’s bold photo shoot was shocking for fans who do not want to see wearing clothes that are revealing and in postures that are indecent. Many fans are finding it hard to believe that their favorite actress who is always looking so graceful in dramas can agree to such a photo shoot. It is common in Pakistan that fans want to see their favorite celebrities keeping their work decent so whenever a celebrity crosses a line they are criticized by people. Some of these pictures are so photo shopped that Kiran Haq cannot even be recognized.

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