Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 04!

Ohkay so, finally I am glad that the team of Zara Yaad Kar gave me a reason to say that this episode was really good. The main reason why I say this is only because of the dialogues & the conversations that took place in the second half of the episode. For the first time I could feel the touch of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s writing because even though the situations were pretty simple, the dialogues through which they were conveyed made it an interesting watch. However, I still do feel that the story is typical & predictable & I hope to see something better but at least, the conversations are making it worthwhile.

Waqar & Mahnoor got a chance to explore what’s running through their minds a little more. It was more of a conscious & selfish act on Mahnoor’s part that she started treating these free rides from Waqar as an escape from her reality. Waqar put these situations to good use & didn’t hold back in telling how impressed he is & how spellbound he has been ever since Mahnoor has honored him enough by sitting in his ‘zebra-printed’ car. The way Mahnoor asked Waqar’s opinion about her taking a lift from him went to show that she was looking for some sort of false validation from him that will put her heart & conscience to ease. I really expected better from Mahnoor because being a working woman, she should really know when & where someone’s crossing the line. It literally took two rides for Waqar to get so candid with Mahnoor that straight from her ‘leebstick’ his praises started revolving around her beauty, her voice & what not & even after all this, if Mahnoor thinks of him as a gentleman then she needs to sit back & think again.

Obviously Mahnoor is a fictional character but she is shown as a married woman, so first off, hiding the truth about her marital status & then not finding Waqar’s flirting odd really makes me question her mentality in general. I really don’t think a girl like her can be such a fool that just because Waqar threw some compliments her way, she found them as the ultimate truth & believed that she knows Waqar in & out. I think it takes a girl less than a minute to understand that a guy will most likely say such things which he knows will impress a girl he’s trying to flatter in the first place. The lectures Waqar gave about respecting women & what not went down the drain the moment he placed his phone number in Mahnoor’s hand but if only Mahnoor wasn’t so dimwitted, she would’ve understood that Waqar is just the same as all those other men/predators out there. Waqar does seem like an opportunist & quite intelligent as well because at first, he showcased how dignified he was by telling her that he will not stop his car for her because he respects her (beauty) enough & the very next moment, he took their ‘relation’ a step further by giving Mahnoor a source of remaining connected to him on a personal basis. Also, Waqar is really testing how far Mahnoor can go for him (or in other words how desperate she is) because in stead of giving his number to her, which means she will have to make a call to him first, he could’ve just asked for her number since he seems to be having a lot of ‘haq’ on her. One thing’s for sure, Waqar is quite intelligent & that is why he is conducting himself as a gentleman whereas he isn’t as unique or different as he poses to be. Anyways, I really hope the writer had made Mahnoor dignified enough by showing that just a few typically packaged compliments couldn’t sway her to such an extent that she is now rethinking about her marriage & having doubts about her relationship with Haadi.

It is good that Haadi doesn’t hold back & tells Mahnoor’s mother everything because he knows that she understands him better than his wife; Mahnoor does & she will plead his case in front of Mahnoor with a lot of wisdom & logical reasoning. Mahnoor is immature, that has been conveyed but she is now turning out to be someone who fails to admit her mistakes & see things from someone else’s perspective. Yes, the route that Haadi took in order to make Mahnoor understand the situation may have been wrong but that definitely doesn’t mean that just because of someone who she barely knows, she starts questioning everything that her husband says or does.

I think Mahnoor’s mother is a potential candidate of becoming one of the members of the most memorable & beloved mothers’ club of our dramas because the way she preached Mahnoor by putting forth her own example went to show that she already can see the difference in Mahnoor’s behavior & more than that, she can foresee a storm approaching which is going to take everything away from them especially Mahnoor, which shows her wisdom & farsightedness. “Mard bas itna sa khuda hai, ke biwi ke shirk se darr kar mard bhi nahi rehta”. I loved the entire conversation Mahnoor’s mother had with her daughter where she explained her about how much a husband can forgive his wife’s mistakes but the one thing he is incapable of forgiving is her unfaithfulness. Mahnoor’s mother can see that Haadi is someone who walks an extra mile for her daughter & he is someone who will go to any lengths to please her & give her the comforts she desires, therefore she wants Mahnoor to look at him with the same perspective too because out of all the things Haadi has offered to Mahnoor till date & will be offering in the future, his loyalty & sincerity are invaluable.

“Soch lo, beth kar achi tarhaan se soch samajh kar faisal kar lo, ke Shirk karogi yan Shadi”, Mahnoor’s mother definitely knows that there’s something that has clearly gone wrong & Mahnoor is now having second thoughts about her marriage to Haadi, that is why she is subliminally yet clearly telling her daughter that the path she was walking upon was right for her & the path that is now looking extremely attractive to her is nothing but a lie. I hope Mahnoor’s mother has a conversation with Waqar too where she tells him that his obsession with Mahnoor’s ‘leebstick’ has almost cost Mahnoor her marriage. Mahnoor is quite shallow that all of a sudden, she has started blaming Haadi for the things he has never said before, like she now thinks that Haadi is against Mahnoor’s job too & it is quite amusing to see that all this is happening just after a ‘single’ conversation she had with Waqar where he put his skills as an Urdu teacher to good use & flattered her with his ‘falsafa’.

Finally, Mehtab Deswali’s daugther has made an entry & honestly speaking, it didn’t appeal to me much, like this whole track of a politician father & his non-resident Pakistani daughter isn’t working for me right now. However, I do believe that once Waqar will come across Gaiti as her Urdu tutor, he will definitely forget about Mahnoor’s husn & her dil mai utarnay wali awaaz. It already looks like Waqar is quite obliged to Mehtab due to what he has done for him & his job, therefore it won’t take him a second to return his favors by becoming committed to Gaiti if Mehtab will put forth his wish in this regard in front of Waqar. At this moment & in my opinion, the only purpose I see of Gaiti’s entry in this drama is to show an awkward triangle that will form between Gaiti, Waqar & Mahnoor. Anyways, I am glad that this episode didn’t have much of Uzma & her masoomiyat because she can give you diabetes even though she doesn’t eat the mithai of Haadi’s promotion as it is najaiz for her!

Overall, this episode was good because the mother took the crown for being the most sensible & realistic character in this drama so far. I also am looking forward to what the mother’s reaction would be when she will find out what Mahnoor’s true intentions are. The preview suggested clearly that Mahnoor is going to post-pone the wedding as she needs some time to dwell in her fool’s paradise with false hopes & fabrications spun by Waqar. Let’s see if it gets any better. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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