Farhan Saeed Flies with Wife to Mauritius for his Concert!

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane’s celebrity couple is one of the biggest power couples of our Entertainment industry and thus wherever they go, starlight follows them. This power couple really does have a fairytale story. The romantic Farhan Saeed had proposed Urwa in Paris and got a yes from her there.

Not only are these two equally good-looking and successful, they both are equally hard-working and dedicated to their work too. In all the projects that these two undertake, they try to give their 100% and the results of their respective performances show that.

The lovebirds were found on the Dubai airport, ready to catch a flight to Mauritius. The reason for their journey was not only Farhan’s concert at the stunning island but also because Mauritius is an ideal place to spend his better half’s birthday, 2nd July. The pictures taken of them at the airport show that this couple definitely knows how to travel in style:

Farhan Saeed is not only a very successful and talented actor but also has a God-gifted voice. He performed 70 concerts last year, with 50 just in Pakistan making him the only Pakistani singer to have performed in so many concerts in a year.

Now, he will be spreading the magic of his melodious voice and powerful vocals in the foreign soils of Mauritius and will be making the dreams of his fans over there come true!

Arsala Khalid