Farhan Saeed Is All Set For His Film Debut

With the Pakistani cinema growing by leaps and bounds, many stars are making way towards the film industry. The latest being Farhan Saeed. Farhan Saeed started his career as a musician and did make some memorable songs. He has since then joined acting and his last venture Suno Chanda is the year’s most loved and sought after projects. There have been talks of Farhan Saeed venturing into films for some time now but nothing was really confirmed. Farhan is married to Urwa Hocane who has made a solid footing in the films and is loved by the audiences.

Farhan Saeed Is All Set For His Film Debut

Well, it is finally confirmed that Farhan Saeed will be making his cinematic debut in an ARY production and not just that but the film will also be co-produced by the duo Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed. It is not yet confirmed that who will be the leading lady but Urwa would most likely not join in as the lead actress in the film.

We may also hear a song or two from Farhan as he has previously given his voice to songs for both his wife and sister in law’s projects!


Pakeeza Dar