Khud Parast Episode 11 Story Review – New Twists & Turns

Opening Thoughts – New Twists & Turns:

Ohkay so, the story of Khud Parast took a turn in this episode once again but as much as I want to understand & justify all that Uswa is doing, I am unable to do so because now she is taking one wrong decision after another & in the end it is going to cost her a lot!

Uswa’s Going To Land In Trouble:

Uswa thinks she has won the battle against Bakhtawar. Yes, Uswa is young, immature, impatient & boisterous – the only way she deems right of earning a place in Hanan’s heart is by lying to him but the problem is, she has now started to fabricate so many stories regarding everyone in the family that her lies are bound to get exposed sooner or later. Hanan’s family consists of very few people so it is a grave mistake of Uswa to think that Hanan will never find out the truth!

When things will go wrong in Uswa’s life, her mother will be equally responsible. It is very important to instill confidence in your daughters & give them the courage to call spade a spade but to have a different spin on it by teaching your daughter to manipulate & tell lies is definitely wrong. Till last week I didn’t see anything wrong in what Uswa was doing but this time around, the way she dragged Beenish in between was absolutely wrong. Beenish has not at all harmed Uswa once, she minds her own business & does not meddle in her affairs but Uswa has a problem with her too. It seems Uswa has an issue with every single person who tries to knock sense into her but she only believes the one who sympathizes with her & sees her as a victim. Uswa had no issues in having a sleepless night while thinking about everything that Adeel said like she being unhappy & things like that but the moment Maria tried to stop her from doing what she’s upto, Uswa couldn’t take it. Similarly, Beenish has only tried to make Uswa understand how things work in Hanan’s house that too only to prevent her from getting into some trouble but looks like it was too hard for Uswa to tolerate as well because since then she’s having issues with Beenish as well.

Bakhtawar has her ways. She tried to send someone from her side into Uswa’s little bubble to get an idea of what she’s upto & Uswa had no idea. I think it is alright for Uswa to have a laugh over what she does with her mother but to spill the beans in front of random people is her again her own mistake which she shouldn’t commit. The more Uswa is letting people know, the more she is calling for trouble on herself.

As much as I want to see a positive image of religious people in our dramas, I couldn’t help but agree to how such Fakirs & Pirs are portrayed. The way he planted a seed of suspicion in Bakhtawar’s heart against Uswa’s mother was spot on because this is what they usually do – they say things you want to hear & confirm your doubts only to make themselves look powerful & intelligent. Well, that was one aspect but Bakhtawar has come up with her own plan as well!

Please don’t tell me that the writer has kept Adeel as a stepney & a back up for when things will go wrong in Uswa’s life, Adeel will hold her hand? It takes me back to the very first scene of how Adeel was introduced so I hope Uswa finds out about his past before relying on him ever! Well, the last scene of this episode again pushed the agenda of all the things that are wrong with Uswa. Even though Hanan has done so much for her; he listens to her, he has allowed her the edge of saying what she wants to about Bakhtawar, he takes her out & does everything to please her but now when everything is pretty smooth, Uswa had to create an issue & she chose a petty cinema for that. Now that Hanan has said no to this demand of hers, Uswa will again turn him into a conservative villain who does not take her to out for movies. Honestly speaking, Uswa’s mother said Maria has some insecurities & complexes but it seems it is Uswa who is full of insecurities because despite having everything that she wished for, she now wanted to have that thing as well which Maria has an access to? Uswa just wants to create some issues only to make bigger issues out of them.

Closing Thoughts – Looking Forward To Next Episode:

Overall, this episode of Khud Parast was interesting & the preview of the next episode was even better. I want to see how Beenish will call it even with Uswa, about time she spoke up. Also, does anyone know what’s the name of Uswa’s mother. I’m tired of referring to her as Uswa’s mother so it would be nice to have a name to save me some hassle. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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