Farhat Ishtiaq’s Rehaai to go on-air from March 18th! Latest Pictures!

Hum TV has something new to share with its viewers daily where  every next day  a promo of a new serial is seen, creating an urge of following the  drama completely. Recently the channel completed many dramas that were on air and now it is  all ready with the new projects to keep the viewers entertained. The next drama to go on-air this March is Rehaai.




Written by the writer of famous Humsafar, Rehaai is one of the most sensitive topics which are been countered by Farhat Ishtiaq. It would be her  third project with Hum TV, second been Mataye-Jaan. The drama is directed by Mehreen  Jabbar and  the promos that has been out few hour back reveals that it miss no ingredient of a good direction.


The cast of the drama includes Samina Peerzada,Noman Aijaz, Maria Wasti and Adnan Jilani. The story seems to target the miseries of the rural areas of the country where child marriages are an added problem and  the girls are forcibly married to someone who is  20-30 years elder than them. It is a dilemma that despite of having many laws been passed about the issue, such illegal and immoral activities are a part of every next rural area of Pakistan.


The drama is expected to raise a new question in the society that till when actually the women of the nation would suffer!

Share your views about the topic been highlighted in the serial.


Nida Zaidi


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  • is acting k lie bachi chohti hai.. ya galt hai itni chohti bachi or aisi acting .. kia asar hoga is k zehn pe is acting se..

  • Such a sick topic…. I'm v depress about this topic… Last time they showed acid thrown on a girl face in KITNI GIRHEN BAKI HAN…. And next week there were many real life cases where acid was thrown on people face…please for god sake dunt show these things coz selfish people do it in real life…

  • Such kinds of topic can only promote vulgarity,
    what would be the intentions of creative team to show such kind of drama,
    this is not the first time that HUM TV is showing such type of vulgarity,
    List is very long,
    there are many dramas with the cheap and vulgar dialogues that we can't watch with our elders,
    just take the example of the title song of KITNI GEHRAIN BAQI HAI.
    If HUM TV will cross all it limits it will lose its huge fan following.

    • such a great topic good job hum tv ye wo reality ha jo pakistan me choti umer ki bachiyun ke sath ho raha ha …. khtm hona chaye ye ..

  • I really enjoy watching this drama after the 5th episode, because even though it is a sensitive topic, it is a point that needs to be tackled because this is a huge problem going on in many undeveloped areas around Pakistan.

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