Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 15 – Entertaining!

It was no surprise that the part we all had been waiting for came at the very end of this latest episode but overall it made for quite an enjoyable affair. Ayesha Omer was brilliant today and Fawad Khan’s expressions were simply flawless, brilliant and very impressive in the last scene in particular. Zaroon is completely smitten and it was written all over his face today. I was really looking forward to everything that Sir Ibrar had to say to Zaroon and the best part had to be the one about values…what a valid question! Sir Ibrar was right in asking Zaroon if he had the values that Kashaf would want in her future husband and Zaroon did not have a good answer to his question but the expressions said it all. Sir Ibrar could probably tell that Zaroon was very sure about what he was doing and that was convincing enough for him. Like always the conversation between the two was an absolute delight to watch, all the verbal exchanges and glances….everything was perfect. So Zaroon considers Kashaf K2 and not Mount Everest, oh well, he will know soon enough!


Kashaf decided to walk out on Osama by saying “mujhe dair ho rahi hai” and later on told him that she wanted to be just friends with him. Kashaf is so sure that nothing that comes easily to her can bring her happiness. She has always worked hard to earn her share of happiness and she won’t let her “fate” decide this matter for her. Osama’s proposal is perfect in every way, he is a nice man who loves Kashaf and his family does not have any issues with the proposal too but Kashaf is not used to good fortune that comes gift wrapped, therefore she thinks that something will go wrong somewhere only because she did not have to fight a long hard battle to get it. For now marriage is definitely not on the cards for Kashaf because she believes unlike her mother that she is not ready to get married.

sara mum

Ayesha Omer really impressed me with her performance today. Sara realizes that her decision to take divorce was wrong and blames her mother entirely for not guiding her in the right direction. I have to side with Sara on this one because no matter how many issues a married couple is having, parents should try their best to resolve the issues and not aggravate them further. This really should have been Sara’s decision and Ghazala by going out of her way to support her all the time, definitely pumped her up and influenced her decision. Sara and Farhan may not have been the ideal couple but they had been together long enough, therefore Sara finds it difficult to go on without Farhan, now that he has moved on with his life. The way Zaroon comforts his sister and at the same time share things with her about his own life was very nice to watch. We didn’t see Sara crying all the time but the two shared the sibling moments which we all love.

Zaron sara

Many of us already guessed that the rishta that Rafia and kashaf were talking about was actually going to be for Shehnila so no surprises there too. The Kashaf/Zaroon conversation brought a smile to my face like always; Zaroon calling in to see if Kashaf was still using the same number and Kashaf telling him she just might change her number now! The “I think we were just immature” dialogue and Kashaf’s response made me chuckle too. Zaroon will be Zaroon and Kashaf will be Kashaf! Zaroon likes Kashaf’s strength of character, something that he has not seen in many girls around him who would easily fall for his charm.


sir ibrar

I am so glad that Sidrah is back in the picture, the show would have been incomplete without the conversations between the two sisters. Kashaf may not listen to what Sidrah has to say but at least she is someone who tries to knock some sense into Kashaf every chance she gets.


Overall I enjoyed this latest installment . I had great expectations from this episode and I was expecting it to be more about Zaroon and Kashaf but I enjoyed it nevertheless. The Zaroon/Sara scenes were very well done and I definitely enjoyed watching them. The Zaroon/Asmara engagement is officially over, which is good news because it means we will not be seeing Asmara again.  The next episode seems action packed, I am really looking forward to how Zaroon finally manages to climb K2 because the weather conditions and altitude problems may prove to be a greater obstacle than he ever imagined;)


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • the last line was awesome …. aap ne to mausa ka haal r waha aane wali mushkilaat ka b bta dia :P
    loved th ereview :)

    • yes it was Esha, in fact most of the conversations were so good that I will definitely be going back and watching a few scenes again:)
      Glad you liked the review, keep visiting.

  • the last line was awesome …. aap ne to mausam ka haal r waha aane wali mushkilaat ka b bta dia :P
    loved the review:)
    friday ko bus 2 cheezo ka wait hota hai
    1 ZGH n FATIMA's review :D

    • aww thank you so much Esha and I wait for the show and the feedback from all of you.

  • Yes.It was amazing.Ayesha proved that she can perform much better than 'Shut-up Nabeel'.The Kashaf Sidra talk was so realistic.Zaroon Sara scenes were very emotional.Even though i know she was wrong,but that did not help me feeling sorry for her! I've never waited for a friday with this anticipation before.

  • Where is Asmaara? In which episode the official ending of engagement was shown? Really wanted to see Asmaara on this!!!

    • The official ending was not shown, Zaroon just mentioned that he had the experience of a bad engagement too…oh well, no big loss..i would say;)

  • class episode ….loved it. Ayesha Omers performance came as a pleasant surprise..very touching.
    loving the promo for the next episode when she says about the churail thing and zaroons expressions..cannot wait for next episode:)

  • wow what an episode, all the conversations were so full of meaning and thought provoking, this play is not just a play, Umera Ahmed is educating us generally and to youngsters specially. Aisha Umer 's performance was already good in all other episodes but today it was awesome . episode toa jo tha wo tha, ur review is sonay pay suhaga;) and so quick that m still feeling its freshness, u saw u felt and u wrote mashAllah:)

    • Absolutely agree with you Mrs. Asim, loved all the conversations, very well written indeed and all the actors did an amazing job too. Thank you so much.

  • Reviewers definitely r not critics and there is nothing wrong for them to be civil and praiseworthy, but reviewers r alsoviewers first and foremost, and need to first reflect upon the viewers' response regarding the drama. Viewers r so disappointed today, it was a dead episode. Well they left out Asmara and brought in similar useless character Sara and dedicated most of the episode to her. How much footage was devoted to Farhan or Sara before this? The way they stretched her depression, I started to feel some of it for myself and others'. Viewers actually hav better imagination than the show's producers which actually would've made it interesting. Some were thinking Osama will marry Shenila,others thought Zarun will send his parents before Kashf says yeswhat happenned was truly pathetic. I was left wondering what was the purpose of it all.This is now a commercial ploy to put Kashf/Zarun scenes in the end half of the drama to keep the interest especially with scene from the preview promo.Reviewers need to identify the way these drama producers' r taking viewers' for a ride and forcing them to watch useless tracks that only increase the no. of episodes don't move the story even a bit and make a mockery of the novel.

    • royter I actually enjoyed this episode more than the last one and some of the scenes I am definitely going to watch again. i can't write how the majority feels about an episode, can only state how I feel. The comment section is there so that everyone can share how they felt about the episode, I am glad you always take time out to read the reviews and comment.

    • Yes bringing back Sara's break up was like flogging dead horse, Kashaf's monologes are repetitive and extremely annoying. A mimi-series with 4 episode would have been more appropriate.

    • Okay,so where there in Asmaara,people hate it,and when there's not,people still say the same.Don't talk about them.Secondly Sara's issue was the highlight of today's episode.Had it be been not there,we would have never known that Ayesha can perform this well.And is it not a lesson for all the mothers and daughters who think like them? And of course it's a drama no one knows what is going to happen next.Everyone will predict.And no one is forbidden to do so! It's not the story of only Zaroon and Kashaf.People made that in their minds themselves.

  • Though I enjoyed today's episode but also felt a bit cheated. Are they teasing the viewers or what?
    Bringing back Sara's breakup was like flogging a dead horse, scene of Murtuza/Nigar was unnecessary, Kashaf's monologes were repetitive and annoying . Somehow enjoyed Zaroon and Sir Abrar encounter.
    Fawad Khan was brilliant as ever.
    Thanks for timely review. Looking forward to next episode.

    • Anwar Sohail, I think we will be seeing more of Sara in the upcoming episodes too. Agree with you about Murtaza/Nigar scene, it really was unnecessary. I have felt cheated before too so I guess that is not an issue anymore lol!! I liked a lot of scenes in today's episode and it was actually nice to see Sara in a different light. Yes Fawad Khan was super and so is Behroz Sabawari…it really does seem like the two are related! My pleasure…thank you for reading the review and for commenting.

      • To come to think of it, I enjoyed one Sara/Zaroon scene were he mentioned he would like to propose to Kashaf. For the first time they looked as they are brother and sister.
        Thanks again for prompt review.

        • same here, i feel cheated with all the episodes and eagerly wait for the next one thinking it might be different but i guess its their ploy or oversmartness to keep the viewers hooked or something.

    • The Murtuza/Nigar scene was short enough, and although it may have seemed unncessary, did you notice that Murtaza actually stood up for himself completely. Nigar ki baaton mein bilkul nahin aya…nor did he change the subject (by saying something silly like, samosa khao, kaisa he?). He pointed out clearly that Nigar wanted nothing to do with Rafia and her daughters and now she should not expect them to move mountains for their nikhattoo son. With his regret of ever marrying Nigar, I see a good transition in Murtaza coming and possible re-entry into at least his daughters' lives (if not Rafia's life as well). What would be sad with that though is that he'd exit somewhat or entirely out of his current family's life

      • I had the same thoughts. Infact I was thinking that if this realisation makes him go to Kashaf and take responsibility for the pain he has caused her, it might even change her views on marriage.

  • Thank You for the prompt review every week! So I guess the engagement had been over…darn it we never got to see it…and they could have at least mentioned it last week, I was thinking he's still engaged and trying to flirt with Kashaf…bad editing! Anyways I also thought there was one too many scenes of Saras depression, although her and zaroons scenes were very well done. So farhn already already has a child, how much time has gone? wow he moved on pretty quick…really the timeline is pretty weird and can't keep track coz shnila is still study engineering for the past 4 years lol!
    I did love the zaroon sir ibrar scene and yes no surprises…at the end! They really want to make us wait dont they, it was perfect though …very well executed, both have amazing chemistry and glad sir ibrar told zaroon all that stuff …excellent dialogs! Next episode looks more entertaining with Kashaf finding out…K2 indeed…loved your last line!
    I also loved Sidra returning….she looked so nice and enjoyed her scenes with Kashaf!

      • Kashaf also mentioned that Sidra finished her masters. Wonder when that happened. Not worth the calculations, but she is younger, and while K was doing MBA, Sidra was at home…..whatever. So yes, the timeline has been completely out of time!

    • oh so Farhan had a baby! I forwarded through the "I am depressed and I will blame my mother for it" Sara scenes. They were unnecessary so couldn't figure out what she was going on about w/ Farhan – Thanks SK :)

      the only good thing about this episode was Sidra and the last scene. Baaqi sub was fillers which could have been added to last week's episode to keep the balance. Oh well

  • Beautifully summarized and reviewed, Fatima. And as always, my place to come and pour my heart out with my 1st thoughts.
    The episode was filler to me, but a good and meaningful one. The moments between the siblings in both families were heartwarming. What a change from how it used to be earlier. Zaroon and Sara wouldn’t see eye to eye and all discussions would end in a huff, and now they are such pillars for each other – confiding and chatting heart to heart. And in the other family, Kashaf and Sidra are disagreeing with each other and leaving their discussions inconclusive!
    I still stick to my opinion that Ghazala is being made a scapegoat with an exaggerated character. When Sara 1st blamed her, my instant reaction was that mothers are always the punching bag. Always the easiest target to vent out on. Again the contrast in both houses – Ghazala is the reason for Sara’s break up, and though Rafia’s broken marriage has played such a big role in Kashaf’s decision of never wanting to get married, (despite her sisters not thinking that way) Rafia is not getting any flak. I have to discount this part of mother getting the blame as an aspect of the story for whatever reason.
    I also found contradiction in Zaroon’s conversation with Sara. He said they had great friendship and compatibility, she shouldn’t have let small issues become so big (socializing was one of them) and on the other side he and Asmara had a great friendship too, but he let the small issues become huge and the engagement broke off for that! Also that Sara’s thought that Farhan actually moved on so quickly…..hmmmmm…..wonder how strong the relationship really was.
    I really felt bad for Usama when Kashaf walked out. I just thought to myself, she continues to be her rude self. I would have thought she would have learnt more manners after working and meeting people and handling issues (Which she did gloat about to Sidra) Anyway, I guess her insecurities and whatever got the better of her. She is as much as a dheet as Zaroon. And I really think they deserve each other. Only they will be able to make normal human beings out of each other!
    I loved the way Zaroon explained his reasons to marry K in his conversation with Abrar Uncle. I’m still curious to why K will eventually accept this proposal and not reconsider Usama’s.

    • Thank you for such a well thought out and insightful comment Roh. About the mothers, well Ghazala wasn't really playing the mom in the entire affair, she was more of a friend to Sara and one who never asked her to give the relationship some more time or try to work things out. Rafia;s marriage turned out to be the way it is because she could not give birth to a son, there was no other reason. She has always been a good role model for her children and has been there for them. I guess Murtaza is to be blamed for how kashaf thinks and not Rafia. Yes at the end of the day they are all grown ups and not kids anymore so they should take responsibility for their actions but Ghazala's attitude towards Sara and Farhan's relationship was completely wrong in my eyes. About Zaroon and Asmara, I think the difference was that Zaroon was never interested in Asmara right from day one and they were just friends, he wasn't even sure he wanted to go along with the engagement. sara and Farhan on the other hand had been engaged for quite long and Sara mostly took farhan for granted so it is more like , you don't know what you have until you lose it. Yes i liked Zaroon's explanation too but found his, i have changed/matured line funny actually haha. Oh yes I am also dying to find out just how Kashaf gets convinced.

  • Brilliant job done by Ayesha omar. I really liked the sibling-chemistry between zaroon and sara.

  • I really love this drama. The promo make one go crazy and wait till next Friday! Loving Fawad Khan in the next episode and wpw to Sanam Saeed.S he will be actually abusing nd cursing him! Sara and Zaroon’s relationship was well executed and I agree that Ayesha Omer proved her acting skills…finally! Sir Abrar and Zarun was amazing and yes Sidrah is back in the picture! And Murtuza is so self-fish like wow. And would have really wanted to see Asmara and Zarun’s engagement ending. As loads of conflicts were mentioned in the previous episodes. This detail should not have been just missed out. Over all good so far and waiting for the next episode anxiously! :)
    Bravo Fatima! :)

  • Hi Fatima,

    I like ur overall review on the episode, but I am disagree here a bit with kashaf and the way she always look into the matters & things, negatively and she has only complaints.. I was really surprised on her answer to Osama, OMG, she is so self-centered, why she is acting like a complaint box???

    Aaj mera dil ker raha thaa k kashaf ko call ker k poochooo :O

    Anyway, drama is really going into deep & deeper.
    I love the dialogues and acting of Ayesha umer and zaroon, she proofs her regrets on her incorrect decision and the wrong up bringing … I love that lot… in fact , I was crying on her acting when she was with zaroon and was discussing to him about farhan in her room. Wah jee wah..

    I love the scene; camera work and dialogue pitch between bro & sister… what a brilliant scene that was.
    Mr .Murtaza, he is really self & self centered man. Now he Is blaming to his wife for the failures and overall position of his son. Even he put the blame of not attending the wedding ceremony of his daughter to his wife. How cunning and signify he is………..

    • Agree with you. Kashaf is rude, negative and self centered. Education has failed her, job and status failed to diminish her bitterness. She is still rabid biting people's heads off.

      • U r right… i am not taking the side of any other character of drama , but reality is this, kashaf is bitter & really over-reacting… what the hell do she think of her self?

        if her father was not a good character of them, than why do she see every person with the same spectacles?

        zaroon, osama or any other person is not responsible for that … she always complaining around.

        i m sick of her way to act now… com'on kashaf try to grwo up now, u r not only one in the world who have such issues of life & relations… i have seen practically lot , so plzz give me a break…. act as u r css & have a strong designation , u should be very decent, soft spoken and positive character now..

        • Agree with you. Kashaf is rude, uncivilized and extremely negative. ZGH should be renamed as:

          'Civil Servant without Civility"

          • lol Anwar Sohail, I am really enjoying your comments…I can tell that they are coming straight from the heart.

          • Some Person do have trust issue , complexity n many others i dont think she is uncivilized !! her sitauations made her such bitternes.. you guys want her to be all sweet in just one year after spending her rest of life through such struggle n constant tourcher.. You want her to foget every moment of her mother s struggle…in just few years….!! If such that then Zaroon is just a stupid jerk n idiot who dont respect girls a complete flirt soory flirtneess was a civilized manner i had no idea :S accept the reallity !! She is definitely not the one who is facing problems but to her concern only she does !!! She is shown ungrateful even when have many reason da same way many other people do !!! May be she is overdone but remeber there used to be exceptional cases !! n she is among the one !! no any other is like Kashaf n Kashaf is not like anyother one !! She is so right abut zaroon every single word !!! She is wrong no doubt but that doesnt make her personality or character to be pointed out !! her moral values stands there where they should be !! You are completely insulting her character when u realy didnt get it !!

          • WITH all due respect, you are being presumptive when you say that "we didn't" get it.
            However, we AGREE TO DISAGREE.

          • Your replies are reasons !!You don't owe me any explanation . I have my own view i Just shared it I didn't asked anyone to blindly get agree instead give reason for me to change my view if I am wrong in any way !! I m just supporting the character i adore the most !!

    • Hi Muzna, lol lets hope the safar turns from Shikwa to Shukar soon:) You are so right about Murtaza.

        • Muzna i won't say that kashaf is self centered but yes she has no faith in her luck, in fate because she always had to work very hard to get everything in life. She even does not acknowledge that Allah helped her achieve anything but only this that she had to fight a long and hard battle to get everything. I think the writer wants people to see Kashaf as a nashukri, someone who cannot see the good things in her life..so yes that's Kashaf for you!

  • Loved your review Fatima as Usual….The heartbeat of today episode was Ayesha Omer indeed….She was really impressive and i never expect so much frrom her but she proved that she is powerhouse of the talent as far as acting is concern.. Fawad is magical on screen whenever he comes its like drama goes to another level and best dailouge of drama was : maine use us ke charater ki wajh se choose kia hai : hardly ppl understands but yes character is indeed v v important..Amazing Amazing Episode and loved your review

    • aamirbasharat Thank you so much , your appreciation means a lot to me. Yes Fawad Khan is simply brilliant in every scene, his body language, expressions, dialogue delivery..everything is spot on. Keep reading and commenting.

  • dont know why it not about kashaf being so un reasonable with her sister …. agar tumahri shadi ho gi hai tu is ka matlab yeh nahi hai keh "…and how much world u have seen ……come on kashaf is strong headed lady okayeee ..but she is rude …. she has shortcoming and she has so much insecurties….. so why always review are fill up with zaroon negativity …please writer should put some secne where some body tell khasaf she is not always right …and try to show zaroon good side also…daram is about how two people with two different understandings and value make good couple….dont drag it …..

    • Ali I agree with you. Looking at all the characters, I find MISS KASHAF least likable.
      Yes every one is commenting on Zaroon's 'hypocrisy' as it seems fashionable. But not a word about Kashaf's blatant rudeness and ungrateful behavior. I think commentators natural gender bias may have something to do with this omission.
      Kashaf is rude and snappy even to her own sisters who have gone through same hardships but have compassionate and balanced personalities.
      X Can someone advice Zaroon to stay away from gunpowder.

      • no gender bias at all , I and a lot of commentators have noticed what an unlikable laraki mess she is . For the life of me i cannot see why zaroon likes her except as perhaps a challenge.

      • Oh why do we have to bring gender bias into everything! Kashaf has a lot of flaws, the biggest one being, the constant whining but I don't dislike her character. I actually understand where she is coming from and I don't think she is self centred, she is more rigid, insecure and matter of fact. She may have walked out on Osama but she did give him a definite answer later on. Girls who have fathers like Murtaza or have a bad experience with a first marriage do react like that, it is more of their defence mechanism coming into action. But yes a smile every now and then won't hurt! I have pointed out the positives in Zaroon's personality in my previous reviews but he has proven me wrong often enough too lol. I don't dislike Zaroon's character too, just find him very interesting and at times very " dheet ". Kashaf may have bern very rude to everyone around her but when it comes to being a jerk… Zaroon definitely deserves the title more than Kashaf.

        • Writer is bias. Why writer is trying to show the women are superior. This drama is more feminist then balance. Farhat ishtiaq who have written the drama HAMSAFAR, that we can say the balance drama. I think Humaira need to improve her thoughts for male character.

  • Looking at all female characters ie Rafia, Ghazala, Sara, Sidra, Kashaf, Shehnila, I have cone to this conclusion that MISS KASHAF is the least likable character.
    Kashaf is rude, self centered,ungrateful and unapologetic. In fact she is worse than a wet blanket. She may have gone through hardships but so it Sidra, Shehnila and Rafia yet her Siblings are so pleasant and compassionate.I think Kashaf should have learnt something positive from her own family.
    Kashaf is not spring chicken anymore. She is highly educated, doing a responsible job and yet acting like a spoilt brat.
    No matter how we look at it, we can't justify her temperament and abrasive personality.
    I'll like to know how others feel on this point.

  • Thank you for that great review, Fatima. I enjoyed the episode too. I promised myself I would not hold it up to any high standards as that is not allowed. I have thrown the time flow chart out the window because that is what the director did and who am I to disagree. I actually found Sara's scenes quite touching and was expecting her to blame her mother. But I think her mother's counter was pretty effective , Zaroon and her father's warnings had little effect on her either.
    As to Kashaf I have said many times before she is one of Umera Ahmed and indeed in my experience least likable heroines. Her comments about husbands and children showed she has hardened her heart in order to protect herself from the kind of heart her fAther has shown her all her life. What beggars belief is that someone like as superficial as Zaroon could be attracted to her. however Umera Ahmed says he is so he is …. apart from that major point the rest of the epiosde and story is fine. If I can watch Spiderman why not this . ?

    • sadaf I am glad you enjoyed this episode and thank you for reading the review and sharing your thoughts. sara listened to her mother because she was the only one asking her to do to what she wanted to, that is true. It was nice to see Zaroon being there for his sister…all of the scenes with the two of them were really nice.

  • please excuse all my mistakes in grammar and English a mobile phone is not the best tool for writing on a blog

  • Fatima Awan,
    Thanks for the replies, I hope I didn't go over the top.
    Watched last episode again and enjoyed it despite feeling cheated. However I must admit I enjoyed Sara/Zaroon scenes And Ayesha Omar did a brilliant job. Even felt sorry for Ghazala. My favorite was Zaroon/Sir Abrar scene.
    Kashaf undoubtedly the least likable character to say the least. But then again subtlety is lost on Umaira Ahmad, loudness and nerve wrecking repitition( remember Shehre e Zaat!!) is her hallmark.
    When I mention NATURAL gender bias, it envisages both XX & XY. We all make conscious effort to be detached and objective while giving opinion, but nature and nurture will have some influence.
    Continue with good work. See you next week.

    • You are sooooo right, totally agree with you there… I remember SeZ and I remember Falak, she was the same, went from one extreme to the other one and she too blamed her mother. Poor Hina Bayat I feel for her, all her on screen children blame her for spoiling them and for not telling them right from wrong. It makes me so happy when our readers share how they truly feel without any reservations, so keep them coming:) it is always a pleasure.

  • Why you have to put table in odd place for discussion does not look nice .why Osama asking for a hand for marrryeven though he knows in episode13 zarun told osamahe likes her what a kind of a friend he is in all its a+drama

  • I hvnt seen todays epi up till now so hv nthng to say except for after reading ur review and discussion here it seems like ths epi was ayesha omer's epi…by the way i was thinking keh jab takk hamare haan actress ROTI nahi tab takk usse 'achi actress' ka khitab nahi dete log (lolx)..ppl here r saying in this epi ayesha has proved her , has showed tht she is a good actress etc..and i was wondering the scenes b/w zaroon nd sara throughout the whole drama were jst nt enough to say tht she is a wnderful actress..all scenes b/w Z nd S are done so realistically by both FK and Ayesha bt still nt enough to say tht ayesha is a very good actress…strange haan! Bt chalo atleast unke rone keh baad he sahi logo ne mana toh…nd nice review halankeh hvnt seen this epi fully bt its always a pleasure reading ur review and discussion here..

    • Thank you so much Aiman for taking time to read the reviews and for commenting. It is always a pleasure hearing from you:) Do give your feedback after watching this episode.

  • Fatima ji i m unable to comment on ur dil e muztar's thread bcuz m trying to cment thr usng my cel bcuz pc kharab ho gaya he..bt whnevr i press submit comment, the screen jst get blank dnt knw y..so m cmmnting here (dnt mind) raha nahi ja raha tha…
    Epi 3 was flawless(reminded me of 1st epi, as epi 2 was not too good)..each nd every scene was worth watching..esp all S nd I scenes…the scene in which adeel was bashing sila, I lvd Imran's expressions esp when he was referring his mother's hardwork, his facial expression were changing accordingly with every word he said…scene in which sanam was making it sure to open the door wholly before going out of bedroom was too good (sanam was toooo cute).. throughout the epi sanam has been outstanding…the breakfast scene in which Imran first hold the cup of tea and after having close look put it down nd prefer having simply water over tea was very funny…honestly speaking after this epi i m in love with this drama like i was in love with humsafar..simple but beautiful nd worth watching…i hope Shehzad Kashmiri Sir u will nt disappoint me in upcoming episodes as well..

  • And u r right about dil e muztar's predictable story esp when one would hv read hum tv's blog, it bcm obvious..to me it was like 'amma kis epi mein marengi (lolx)' but u knw humsafar's story was also an ordinary and quite predictable one..and for people who had already read humsafar novel (including me) bfore drama, it was not about story line..infact it was about the way director had brought tht simple love story in such a beautiful manner on-screen…i used to wait for every next epi of humsafar like nthng..even though i was aware of story line bt it was such a pleasure to watch fk,mahira nd naveen playing Farhat Ishtiaq's beautifully written characters so well..and i forget praising background music in my prev comment..it was perfect in every scene esp the 1 which is played when adeel's mother die…(was thinking kis eng movie ya drama ka he..lolx)..BM of ost lines in alicia's voice was jst perfect in every scene,when played,..my hopes after this epi r very high..hoping to b it my next humsafar after Humsafar..

    • Acha ignore my eng tenses/vocab mistakes bcuz when m writing i get confuse abt tnses bt jab post kerne keh baad parhti hoon mjhe aisa lagta he shayad mjhe kisi ne koi naai eng ijaad kerne keh mission per lagaya howa he..lolx..bt aap baat phr bhi samaj jati hain daad deni paregi aapko..

    • Aiman that is true, hamsafar's story was nothing out of the ordinary too but the way it was presented on screen was very well done. And tou are so right about the actors, everyone was very well suited for their roles. Dil-e-Muzter is definitely a very cute and sweet love story and the lead couple is very adorable. I just wish Imran Abbas would wear a little less make up;)

      • lolx thts rude…m nt saying it bcuz m any big fan of Imran etc…infact mere koi bhi mst fav actr/actres nahi..mjhe sub ache lagte hain jo acha kaam karte hain.may b thts y mjhe neutral pic dekhne mein aasani hoti he shayad..nd in dil e muztar honestly speaking mjhe Imran keh makeup se itni koi prob nahi hoi halankeh thr were lots of close up scenes bt still mjhe koi itna feel nahi hua..i dnt knw technical thngs bt jo mjhe screen per dikh raha he usme makeup of Imran has nt been so obivios in drama keh aap annoy ho usse…may b bcuz m really impressd by his acting uptil now in drama keh pata na chalo ho,imran was never sch good actor..his little break frm drama industry hs really improvd his acting smhw..infact u knw in zgh smtimes i usd to feel k fk keh cheeks ziada he red ho gai hain may b bcuz some lightining fault bcuz make up to sabhi karte he..may b bcuz its smhw necessary even for male actors jiskeh yakinan valid reasns hote hain.. I cant say abt Imran's past projects as hv nt followed hs work tht well bt in dil e muztar i thnk its fine..or may b m a bad observer..BTW make up ki waja shayad hi koi dosra actor itna annoy krta ho mjhe jitna azfer rehman kerta hai…he is ____..

        • Aiman I honeslty could not help noticing that he was wearing the same lip color as Sila in some of the scenes:) I am like that too, no favorites among the young lot…whoever works better becomes my favorite. There are some Experienced actors however who are all time favorites like Savera Nadeem, Noman Ijaz etc The sort, You just know will give a good performance every time. Yes Imran Abbas was especially wonderful in the first two episodes and Sanam Jung is too good for a newcomer. yes Azfer Rehman and Mohib Mirza too!

          • Ohk i didnt noticd his lip clr tht well..infact i thought u r talking abt his whole face,which is fine in dil e muztar i thnk..bt agar lip clr ki bat he na toh saare gori chamri wale same hain phir whethr b it ahsan,fawad,mekal etc..infact humayun nd faisal bhi nd lolx at mohib, both hsbnd nd wife r same same…nd ya u r right abt senior actrs..they r gems, polished by PTV..bt honestly being under 20 i dnt bcm excited for a drama having saniya saeed etc as lead bt i do bcm excited when i hear mahira khans name or syra or any other young actrs name..bt ya i do admit acting wise they cant even reach the calibre of saniya,savera etc..bt thn i feel keh saniya,savera,bushra nd co cant b compared with any 1..so we shld b contented with wat young actors r doing..shayad hamisha they cant give epic performances bt mostly they do well..atleast u cant ignore thm….

          • Yes all of them wear lipstick no doubt. I watched Bari Apa and loved it… Savera Nadeem and Noman Ijaz were awesome in it but yes I really look forward to watching the young lot on screen too… Syra Yusef is very versatile and talented, I like Sanam Saeed too and many others.

  • @royter i m asking a very serious ques from u plz rpl 'R U A SECRET AGENT OF ANY RIVALRY CHANNEL OF HUM TV WHO HVE BEEN SENT ON A MISSION OF CRITICIZNG HUM TV'S BIG PROJECT HAAN??' lolxxx..dude seriously m observing u from epi 1..u only hv to criticize and criticize and criticize…i wonder y u even watch ths show which hv only disappoint u from epi 1…i was also thinking if the editor and director would hve edited this show according to ur wishes thn what would hve left in drama to watch even..nd dnt say they hv made 'mockery of novel' bcuz script is written by the same person who hv written the novel..infact this drama is much better thn novel considring the fact that ZGH was UA's first novel…

  • really this episode was awesome and i'm agree with your last sentence fatima that the next episode will be really action packed and i am waiting to see the next episode although i can't wait.its like i want to see it now that how zaroon will finish all those misunderstandings which are between him and kashaf which are continued from university till now.

    • Maheen I am really looking forward to what Zaroon has to say and yes how Kashaf shows him what a churail she really is lol

  • She is wrong in her relation wid Allah !! thats what is the lesson of this Story !!

    • yes that is true and that is exactly how the writer wants viewers to look at her, someone who is always complaining…remember it is after all shikway se shukar tuk ka safar, so for now we have to bear with the shikwas.

  • Fatima r u writing reviews for dil e mutar? I was wondering if u cud post them here pls? Thx in advance

  • That's what Sultana Siddique's says about theme of ZGH:

    "the story is about a fact and a reality that humans don't thank God enough for His limitless blessings. We have highlighted this in the play, as this is the reality we need to project."

    I'm sure Umera Ahmed will convey this message clearly.

    • @ Anwar Sohail thank you for sharing. I totally get what they are trying to show and I am still team Kashaf:)

      • I was on the fence. But now ***sheepishly*** I moved to Zaroon's team. :D :D He was the 1st one to change for the better. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :D :D

  • 15 episodes say shikwa chal raha hai. shukar kab shuru gay? aur jab shuru ho ga tou 1-2 episodes main drama khatam ho jae ga =(

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