Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 16 & 17 – Sad Realities!

Let me start by saying that Mirat-ul-Uroos has completely grown on me and it is proving to be a very realistic play which depicts a lot of sad realities that exist in our society in a very apt manner. I am sure all the mothers, grandmothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and most of all the married couples can relate to this play on some level or the other. Another great thing about this play is that there are no black and white characters, all the characters seem like people from real life and although there was a time when Aima’s sermons and Ayza’s nakhras were getting to me but I am totally into the characters now. Everything has fallen into place and the story is moving forward nicely. Like any other Umera Ahmed play the story, dialogues and characters are such that it seems like you are watching someone’s real life on television. The direction was also excellent in both these episodes and the actors gave me no reason to complaint too.

First of all I want to share with you the few things that I really liked in these two episodes in particular and the entire play in general. I really like the way Aima shares everything with her mother. This is something that I generally find odd; the way married girls run to their parents to share everything so that they will sort out their problems. But Aima only shares things with her mother because they have such a special bond with each other; she never expects her mother to find solutions to her problems or even feel sorry for her. I really like Aima’s I-can-handle-everything-that-comes-my-way attitude towards life. Another very cute part of this play has been the relationship between Zain and daadi, the way Askari makes Zain do all her chores and the conversations they have, are very well done and definitely make me go down the memory lane. I am sure children who have been raised in joint families can relate to the relationship between the two. The way Hammad reacted to everything in these episodes was also very nicely done. Ayza did not scheme and plot to turn Hammad against his family but she is just very “open” about whatever she feels and Hammad is too “impressed” by his wife so he gets “convinced” easily. Rafia’s attitude towards Aima and the way Hamnah feels about her is also one of the very sad realities of our society. The bahu who brought more dowry and whose husband runs the house is respected more even if she dictates her terms and conditions to rest of the family members.

Mirat 16

Rafia kept on blaming Aima like the previous episode and she even showed her annoyance with her right on her face. Hashim may be careless and irresponsible but his parents’ attitude also is not helping the situation. Ayza had the guts to call Hashim “biwi ka ghulam”. I could completely relate to the way Amna felt when she heard Hashim and Aima arguing and she asked Aima’s father to give her a car and they also insisted that she should take cash. This is another sad fact of our society, giving your daughter away is not enough; you have to load her with money and goods too.


How many of you enjoyed Akbari’s “yeh mera akhri wakt hai” scene just because she wanted to convince her son that he should marry Faran with Javeria! These two episodes definitely were a complete package in my eyes, the incidents were very relatable, some of the happenings quite educational and it was engaging at the same time. And not to mention the fact that this play isn’t really about sibling rivalry but more about problems that many parents and married couples face. I am definitely no longer on the fence and looking forward to more.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Very well written by you Fatima …last time your didnt write in the favour of the drama and today while watching play i was thinking i would fight with u hehe if you would not write positive about the play…Hats off to you for writing the words of my heart……Amazing play i guess today;s generation everyone should follow this play…loved the harsh realities of the life shown amazingly on this play……..Excellent play and Excellent writting by Umerah again….

    Thanks Fatima For amazing review
    Keep it up

    • aamir basharat lol I am glad we are on the same page now:) Thank you for reading and liking the review. I hope we will be seeing you here more often now. Even if you disagree with the reviews, feel free to share your opinion. Your input is highly valued.

  • Fatima, so glad to talk you again. " The bahu who brings more dowry is very real too" my mother lost her father at a very young age and her mother couldn't afford the kind of dowry, my Chachi brought with her but both of them became great friends. Asghari's younger grandsons and granddaughter are more like Akbari Ungrateful and selfish, nothing is good enough for them, PARASITES.

    • Hello Nyla, my friend, how have you been? It is always great to hear from you. I have a case of two bahus like that too in my neighborhood; the one who comes from a middle class family is treated like a second grade citizen and has to do all the chores too. The other one who comes from a very well to do family is being constantly showered with gifts by her parents and even the in laws get special gifts every other week so the saas treats her like a queen…sadly enough it is ghur ghur ki kahani. You know what I actually understand where Hammad and Zain are coming from. The way Rafia puts them down like they can never do anything right and treats Hashim in a completely different way is not good at all. Sometimes when you treat kids that way they start believing they are not good enough or stop trying hard to prove themselves. Positive reinforcement and believing in them is so important. Rafia needs lessons in parenting, I definitely like Askari’s approach better, she loves all the kids and does not side with one and is always neutral.

      • I'm fine, thank you. My mother was lucky she was just a visitor to our home town, always lived with my father in different towns, where he was posted for his job. My father bought his own house next to our Daadi for our visits with a servant. But my mother was never allowed to forget her Jahaiz. Thank God all 3 Bahus got along very well and enjoyed their time together. I agree with you about Rafia's behavior. She is very insecure because she expects her sons to be responsible and hardworking like Hammad. All kids in a family are raised with the same values, responsiblities and given the same oppotunities for education and success. It is their personality not to avail it, they would always blame others, making excuses for their misdeeds, using emotional blackmail to get what they want or throwing tantrum like Rafia's daughter. Fatima, it is normal in our culture for elders to point out our mistakes and give their opinion how to deal with a situation. We don't go to a psychiatrist for these issues for our adult sons.

        • Nyla I have no problem with the advice but if you keep on telling your child he or she is not good enough, they will either try very hard to prove that they are or think nothing that they will ever do would be good enough. Hammad takes advantage of his situation and isn't exactly the ideal son but his mother does not have the guts to say it to him on his face.

          • Faima, because the whole family is financially dependent on Hammad. Did you hear this Kahawat ? " Doodh deney wali Gaaye ki do laatein bhi bhalee" we heard it all the time. Rafia doesn't 've an ideal family. :))

          • Same here Nyla… It is always a pleasure talking to you:) Wish you all the best.

  • Very well written review Fatima!! You have amazing quality of giving words to every situation, superb!! drama is really very realistic and intersting, I can relate this drama to my friends life, she is a very nice and caring girl, like ayma, but unfortunately she faced the same situation in her inlawa because her husband did not have that much earning to support his family, and she had to suffer for that. In-lawas are like that, they have all feelings for their daughters but become feeling free when it comes to their daughter-in-laws! Fatima you did a great job!! I am really impressed, if you dont mind could you plz tell me what is your qualification and how you learnt this beautiful art of writting, I want to learn this too. Plz guide me how can I start learning

    • Ifya, great to see you here, I hope you will be commenting more often now. Thank you so much for your kind words, you are too sweet. Ifya I am just an MA pass like many other people out there lol and I am sure if you sit down to write about a play that you are currently following, you will do very well too. Anyone can write, it is just a matter of putting how you genuinely feel about a play into words, like having a chat with a friend:) So, are you interested in review writing? I suggest you give it a go and I am sure you will do great.
      There are so many girls like Aima who go through all these problems solely because their parents did not give them enough dowry…which is so sad. I am glad we are all enjoying the play and I love talking to all of you about each episode.

  • ur review is always as interesting as the play itself :), one of teacher used to say k maa bhi us betay ko zyada pyar krti hay jo zyada kamata hay(I also have observed it many times) today I kept on remembring my teacher's words:) now m curious to see that how a bahu without dowry will manage to become a loved and respected bahu and wife. and yes dadi pota relation is so cute ,in earlier episodes when he they were talking about udhar, it was so relatable, my nephews and my mother also have such conversations:) . enjoying it a lot.

    • Mrs. Asim I look forward to your comments every week. Rafia’s attitude is so wrong towards her kids, I am sorry I have to say this but I blame her partially for the way Hashim is in particular and Zain is headed In the same direction too. I really like Askari’s attitude towards her grandchildren, she is always so just and is so wise. Everything Askari says makes so much sense, really like her character.

      • thanks Fatima, agree with u ,a mother is somehow responsible for what her kids turn out to be in the long run. Asghari was always a rational person, whenever u call her Askari(Asghari mean little one and Akbari mean big one u may know) it reminds me of how Asim used to ask me about Askari villas in lahore k what is this Askaaari,he pronounce it like that lol

        • lol, Mrs. Asim I am sure his Urdu will improve a lot once he has spent a few more years with you:)

  • I completely agree with you Fatima. This drama is depicting the harsh reality of the society in an outstanding manner. And girls parents are always under the meter to worry if they dont load their princesses with goods and luxuries after marriage they have no standing at their in-laws. Rafia is changing as her relatives and neighbours are taunting on the way Ayema and Hashim got married and not much dowry was given. And Hamnah is annoying me! Well she will be in trouble too after her marraige. Lets see what happens with Farhan. :)

  • I once again enjoyed these two episodes. No wonder, Rafia deserved a bahu like Ayza & Ayza deserved a materialistic in-laws. They both gel in so well together. Now we can see that Rafia was not that much of a good saas but it was just that dowry & those gold bangles who helped her in pretending & pulling of such an act of being the best saas. I was wondering all this while, that Ayza may seem to be a very modern girl but deep down she is nothing but a TYPICAL WOMAN who knows when & where to throw the cards in a typical way, she backbites like any other person, she measures everything on the basis of monetary value, she knows how to grab material to make people happy, it all shows how typical she really is. Her approach towards grabbing the dowry was spot on because it helped her in shutting the mouths of her in-laws big time.

    It was sad to see that Aima who did nothing but got married to a useless guy, is facing so much & has all the blame on her now for the condition of her husband & her in-laws. It was disgusting to see that Rafia, who considered Aima as a bad-luck was looking greedily at Aima's bank balance which wasn't even there. I did not agree to when she said 'choti bhabhi hone k natay us pe bhi to Hamnah ki shadi ki zimadari ati hai'??? What sort of an approach is that? Rafia wasn't even bothered to talk to Aima but when she had a small hope that Aima has some money she was forcing Hashim to grab some. I know Hashim was a loser right from the beginning but getting married without a job is a bit too much. Rafia's family did seem to be very sober & down-to-earth people but in real they are not, it's just the daadi who is realistic all the time but Rafia herself has embedded such values in her childern.

    I wasn't expecting Hamnah to act like such a spoiled brat & a typical nand that too when she is unmarried. She yapped about how Hashim was unfair to her but didn't even think for a second that she was equal too. Her rant on Aima was unnecessary because it's her brother who is wrong & immature. Rafia & Hamnah have completely ignored Hashim's mistakes & are blaming Aima for each & everything which is totally unfair.

    I can't wait to see how the reality of Ayza comes up & they'd then be ashamed of themselves. I am kind of getting bored with Hammad's characters (Mikaal or whatever his name is). He is playing the same loser-husband type roles all the time. Durreshahwar, Sheher e Zaat & now Mirat Ul Uroos, all these characters of his were more or less the same or were about that of a person who gets easily influenced by others & does not take a stand. I guess he's playing too safe. He should choose a bit more versatile roles now.

    • & in the beginning when Rafia didn't have to spend a penny on Aima-Hashim's wedding, she was all happy because the idea of a simple wedding proposed by Aima saved their bucks big time, but just because a few people here & there mentioned about Aima not bringing any dowry, Rafia started to frown on the thought of it. Like she mentioned in front of her neighbour that 'Allah ka diya sab kuch hai aur jagah bhi kahan hai' so why not stick to this statement? & why malign the thoughts & heart by thinking over & over again about why Aima did not bring anything with her. LOL! She forgot to tell her son to become a responsible person but she is expecting her Bahu to act according to her wishes. That's sad.

    • Zahra you know what they say 'it takes one to know one', Ayza probably guessed that her saas would be impressed by all that she brought with her and that would make her stay easy in the house. You are absolutely right about Rafia, she turned out to be a very greedy person. I think Rafia and Hamnah blame Aima because she is an easy target, Hashim usually answers back and does not let them go on for long. Hashim is very irresponsible and now he wants Aima to earn for him! Aima on the other hand thinks that she needs to stay home and spend time with her new family, she is obviously not as street smart as Ayza bcz if she was she would have worked and then her MIL would have given her just as much respect as Ayza, maybe even more! You are right about Mikaal, he needs to do something different, even he looks bored playing the same roles lol

      • Yes, Aima is too simple to be be able to deal with such in-laws. I thought Hamnah's was a character which was bubbly & easy going but she turned out to be an exact copy of her mother that too at such a young age. Amusing thing is when Hammad started put his wife-fed opinions in front of his parents every now & then, Rafia stayed quiet saying he will change & did not even utter a word about how Ayza has changed Hammad, but now when Hashim is just helpless because of the job & he is taking a few stands on his own, Rafia is blaming Aima for it. Wow! What a materialistic aunty. :P

  • i actually dont like mirat ul uroos.the story is awsum but actors have depicted their characters in quite boring way esp mehwish hayat. she is not realistically acting in the play….the dialogues are extremely exaggerated…amina sheikh acting is marvellous …hats off to her and the writer,Umerah ahmed

    • manahil I was complaining about the acting too until last week but I am quite happy now. Except for Mikaal, who looked quite bored even in this episode, everyone seemed just fine to me. I am glad you shared your thoughts on the latest episodes, keep reading and commenting:)

  • Fatima…..very well veiws ……very true…..ur each n every word is meaning full….my favourite scene when jab dadi acting kerti hai farhan ky liye apny betey ko conveine kerny k liye…..let see farhan ki shaadi kaisey or kis sy hoti hai…..aima ,hashim.aiza,hammmad,hamnna every single person justice with his or her role…..drama going more n more intresting day by day ……

    • Abeer I have a feeling that Hamnah's wedding is not going to work out because her in laws are not the kind of people who are easy to please. Yes it is getting interesting for sure. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, keep commenting.

  • Seriously .. One of the best drama it is .. with so many bitter realities .. Mirat ul uroos alwayz makx me sad :'(

  • Thanks Fatima for reply. I was really looking forward to it. You will see me commenting more often now. Thank you for your suggestions too. I will follow them & learn this skill.

  • Yes Natasha Hamnah is being irritating for sure and she is going to learn her lesson the hard way. No wonder she looks up to Ayza, they have a lot in common. I don’t think her marriage is going to last.

  • Good review Fatima. This drama reminds me how hard it is to live in a joint family system:) The best days of your married life are wasted thinking about what the mother in law thinks and what the sister in law thinks about you:) I really like your review but you forgotten to mention Aimas flashy orange wardrobe and old fashioned earrings;P
    I am wondering what happened to the 70k she used to earn:)

    • That is so true Xenia. lol @ Aima's earrings, I think they are trying to show how different the two sisters are; one very stylish and the other one from the 70s:)
      I am glad you enjoyed the review and thank you so much for sharing with us how you felt about this episode.

  • This is a harsh reality of our society a bahu is
    respected when she brings a huge dowry !!!there
    is always comparision between two sisters married
    un the same house ! great dramas everything
    potraited is just true !!!!

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