Farida Khanum Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Farida Khanum has become one of those personalities which have shadowed Pakistani entertainment industry. The classical singer from Punjab has reigned the music arena of the country for a long time. The Times of India also honored with the title of “Malaika-e-Ghazal”.¬†

She started her career with the first public concert in 1950, later on joining Radio Pakistan. She was widely held and acknowledged when the then President Ayub Khan invited her for a public recital in 1960s. Her most famous work of all time is “Aaj Jane Ki Zidd Naa Karo” which is still reminisced in the evenings of absolute classical music.

Finally, Farida Khanum was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 5th HUM Awards. There is no doubt that she well deserved it and there is no one else who could have hold that award with more pride and dignity.



Kainaat Maqbool