Fariha Pervez Bids Adieu to Pop Music

Pakistan’s popular singer Fariha Pervez has decided to end her career in pop music as per reports by Daily Pakistan. She is famous for her melodious renditions of popular Ghazals and her performance in veteran children’s drama, ‘Ainak Wala Jin’. She has also won several awards for her albums and released her latest album ‘Abhi Abhi’ in 2010.

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The versatile singer’s Instagram is also full of good sayings and Islamic verses. She was recently spotted at a brunch adorning Islamic attire where she stated that she would only sing Sufi songs after a spiritual awakening. According to Daily Pakistan, the singer recently returned to Pakistan after a months-long sojourn in the United States where she had been living with her ex-husband Nouman Javaid.

Fariha says she won’t be singing any ‘nonreligious’ and conventional Lollywood songs but will pursue her career as a ‘Sufi singer’ and will wear ‘Islamic clothes’. The singer also added that she is currently declining all offers for singing and performances.

Rimsha Butt