Moray Saiyaan Episode 13 Review – Slow But Better!

Even though this episode was better than the previous episode but now when it has finished & I look back, I find no development in the story. They have stopped taking the story forward & are bent on proving how egoistic Zakia is. I think at this stage, all those that are following this drama pretty much know each & everything about the characters & their nature, so I am not sure why the same thing is being spoon-fed to the viewers again & again & again. Even though they tried to add some dramatic event in this episode, it looked nothing like a filler because the story on the whole did not move forward!

Nimra left & before leaving she for the last time tried to make her mother understand how she was only punishing herself with her bitterness. Zakia even felt that Anas’s wife was being selfish by choosing to go on a honeymoon, like Zakia wants everyone to ruin their lives for Nimra’s sake & shouldn’t do anything that makes them happy. It is Nimra who didn’t get married but Anas & his wife are newly weds, but looks like Zakia is even having a hard time accepting the fact that there are two members of this miserable family that are happy.

Zubaria’s hostel caught fire & Ghaziyan got a chance to rescue her. He brought her to his home & just because Zakia saw them having a conversation, she assumed that they were planning to throw her out, talk about being paranoid to the core. Zakia is not only egoistic but she is paranoid as well. It was hilarious how after getting brain-fed by his sister Waris walked in arrogantly, as if he came to pass a verdict but then ended up saying nothing because even he understood that Ghaziyan had a point & there was no reason to take Zubaria anywhere else when he had his own home where she as his wife could stay.

Zubaria started having some normal conversations with Ghaziyan but I would’ve liked more if their conversations didn’t revolve around Kabeer & Zakia. Zubaria tried to make Zakia understand & even apologized but she chose not to budge because she has nothing else in her life to do. Zakia’s only motive in life is to turn every other person into a miserable soul who has nothing to do with happiness or normalcy in their lives. Just like Zakia expects people to mourn the bechargi & phooti kismat of Nimra, she wants people to do the exact same thing for her too. Zubaria out of frustration & in order to prove how important Zakia is, made a promise to her that she won’t step in this house till the time Zakia will ask her to, which now looks like never ever again!

The preview of the next episode didn’t entice me enough because looks like we’ll be seeing some mid-life romance/cat fight between Kabeer & Zakia, euuu!!! Also looks like something is going to happen to Jamshed which Afshan will blame Ghaziyan for? I think now they have brought the drama to a very situational level where every single time new situation arises & they end up overcoming it in that particular episode, that would’ve seemed justified if while still doing that, they were moving the story forward too, but since that is not happening, the drama is becoming boring to watch. I really think they need to move the story forward quickly & most importantly, they need to cut down on the coverage that Zakia & her paranoia gets. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Moray Saiyaan!

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