Faryal Makhdoom’s Parents Speak Out Over Family Feud

Boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom has been in news for quite sometime now. The family saga is just not ending, this all started when Faryal accused her in-laws for physical and mental harassment. The family feud rose when Amir’s parents lashed out at Faryal and claimed that Faryal’s allegations are false. With all the growing tension in the media, Amir called an end for all this and warned his family and wife to stop all this before he cut’s himself from them.

After all this, we had expected things to cool down at least publicly but Faryal proved us wrong by speaking about this matter again at a morning show. And just when there was no news for a long time, it is now Faryal’s parents that shared their side of story.

In a recent interview with Dunya News, parents of Faryal opened up on the matter. They revealed how the media has twisted this situation and has been spreading false news’s of Faryal and Amir’s relation issues. She further revealed how the whole family including Amir was upset on the matter but there are no issue’s between the couple and she has been highly disappointed and hurt hearing Amir’s parents saying that Amir and Faryal might divorce soon. She further on, requests and pleas all the parents out there to never say this to anyone’s daughter, that she can get a divorce.

Earlier this week, The Sun reported that one of Faryal’s fans had bashed Amir’s sister Mariyah saying : “You people don’t even help Faryal. Every time when she goes out from the country her Mum comes from the USA to babysit. Cruel people, Amir choose his wife over you guys.”

To which Mariyah responded: “Babes she doesn’t allow us to see her”.

However, Faryal denied Mariyah’s claims.

She told The Sun: “I have never stopped my child from visiting them. In fact Amir’s older sister wouldn’t let her daughters come over and play with my daughter. Even though Amir’s nieces aren’t my blood, I treated them like my own children. I really loved them.”

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt